Why Rodents Are So Hard To Get Out Of Your Las Vegas Home

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April 9, 2021

mice crawling on a candle stick

Las Vegas can be a magical place, even if you’re a permanent resident. However, mice or rats running around in your home can take away from that magic pretty quickly. Having rodents in your house or around your property can be incredibly uncomfortable, frustrating, and downright scary. The most concerning thing about rodents, though, is the potential for home repairs and health hazards that they bring onto your property. Today we are focusing on the dangers of rodents and what you can do to get them out and keep them out.

Mice And Rat Miseries

There is only a little bit of good news when it comes to mice and rat infestations in Las Vegas: you rarely have to deal with them at the same time. Mice, measuring about three inches in length at the most, are usually intimidated by the larger rats, which are six to nine inches long (not including the tail). Mice are usually a brown/light gray color, while rats are much darker and can be a far more intimidating presence in your home. The size difference and the attraction to similar sources of food generally make mice avoid inhabiting the same space as rats.

No matter which species decides to invade, both can bring all sorts of dangerous bacteria into your home. Since mice and rats spend time searching through dumpsters, landfills, or sewers for food sources, they are known carriers of bacteria. Even their urine and feces can be toxic when left lying around a home, which is why rat and mouse infestations can lead to severe illnesses like salmonella, E.coli, and more.

Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t stop with the health hazards. Mice and rats can also cause a lot of expensive damage around your home. Armed with sharp teeth and an affinity for chewing on almost anything, mice and rats will gnaw their way into your house before chewing on a variety of items like AC ducts, electrical wires, linens, laundry, and more.

Prevention Pitfalls

While these sharp teeth put most of the stuff inside your house at risk, they also allow for easy access into your home. Mice and rats already have very flexible bodies. When you combine this quality with the fact that they can chew through wood, siding, and drywall, they become pretty much impossible to keep out. They’re also very hard to trap since they can squeeze out of danger quickly.

Along with their sharp teeth and flexible bodies, mice and rats are equipped with another frustrating quality: an extremely high rate of reproduction. As some of the most prolific creatures on earth, mice, and rats can typically outpace the rate at which you can capture them yourselves.

When people see a mouse or a rat in their homes, they typically make two mistakes: they think they can take care of it themselves, and they think there are only a few mice or rats at the most.

Unfortunately, though, it’s hardly ever just one mouse or one rat. As pack animals, these rodents invade with a few of their closest friends before turning into a dozen or more very quickly. That’s why traps and poisons hardly ever get the whole infestation.

If you do notice signs of an infestation, like spotting items being chewed up in your basement or mouse/rat feces in the corners of rooms, don’t waste your time and money on going to the store. By the time you buy enough traps and poison to eliminate the entire infestation, you may spend more than you would on professional rodent control. For total rodent control you can count on, contact the professionals at Red Rock Pest Control. Our professional technicians are trained and effective.