Why You Should Have Year-Round Pest Control For Your Home

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Home Pest Control
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April 9, 2021

a las vegas home rotected by pest control year round

Ahh, pests. Here in the heart of Las Vegas, we just can’t seem to find an end to them. Pest problems in Las Vegas are an annoyance all throughout the year. Pest infestations can be attributed to a myriad of factors or reasons, and can appear in virtually any home or property type. Thanks to our consistently warm climate and relatively mild winters, pest species never need to disappear from the above-ground world. Instead, they cause property damages, spread diseases, and inflict physical pain during their year-round stays.This frequency of pest activity is largely considered normal by Las Vegas residents, and is usually treated with an air of dismissal or an ‘I’ll do it myself’ attitude. However, this may not be the best (or safest) course of action.

The Flaws With Using DIY Instead Of Professional Assistance

Property owners often consider DIY (do it yourself)  pest control for the monetary benefit rather than the physical one. After all, many home remedies for pests only offer temporary relief or a precautionary benefit that ceases to work after an infestation has occurred. Everyone likes to feel as though they are saving a couple bucks. However, relying solely on DIY pest control is a recipe for household disaster. Here’s why:

  • Treating pests on a case-by-case basis is a surefire way to neglect the greater aspects of an infestation. While you spend time treating the underlying effects of a long-term infestation, you fail to address the causes for it.
  • DIY products are often much more expensive than people realize. Some household gimmicks and gadgets run into the hundreds of dollars, while over the counter sprays and treatments easily surpass that number. What’s worse, over the counter sprays have a high concentration of dangerous chemical agents, and may be putting your family in danger.
  • Home remedies are usually poor substitutions for actual professional treatments. This means that some remedies may not affect pest populations at all. In some cases, pest control treatments will actually worsen the effects of infestation around the property.

If you are suffering from any form of pest activity this spring, it will be high time to invest in a quality pest control company with the skills you need to protect your home, family, and budget.

Red Rock Pest Control Plans Offers A Better Way

Red Rock Pest Control’s residential programs are effective, safe, and much more efficient at managing pest activity in Las Vegas homes and properties. We protect homes all over the area with three unique pest plans that cover every aspect of your property. Our “$19 General Pest Service” is the most cost effective and popular plan of our residential services. Get year round protection and bimonthly services against more than 15 different pest species, including interior and exterior treatment options.

Homeowners needing additional protection can invest in Red Rock Pest Control’s “General Pest + Scorpion” plan or “General Pest + Scorpion + Bed Bug” program. Find additional safety in what matters, including fast-acting relief from common household plagues such as scorpions and bed bugs. With our pest-free guarantee and prompt, friendly visits, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!

How To Contact The Red Rock Pest Control Team

Contact the professional team at Red Rock Pest Control to get started on a plan for you right away. Team members can be reached in a variety of methods, including a phone call, online chat system, or personal home visit. We will be happy to answer any and all of your questions, and will work with you to develop a perfect pest control plan for your unique circumstances. Say goodbye to expensive, cumbersome, ineffectual DIY pest control this spring. Invest in your health and wellness with the folks at Red Rock Pest Control today!