How To Tell If Your Las Vegas Property Has Termites

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April 9, 2021

termite crawling on damaged wood

Of all the pests in Las Vegas that you could find around your property, termites are one of the worst. Termites are wood-destroying insects that can cause a great deal of property damage as they eat through all kinds of wooden structures. They can chew through anything from flooring to walls to support beams, and they are often difficult to notice which means the damage can go on for months or even years undetected.

While other pests can also destroy property, termites are often the most damaging of them all. On average, homeowners with a termite infestation will spend $3,000 to repair the damage, but this number is much higher in some cases.

However, while termites are really harmful to have around your home or business, they do serve a purpose in nature. They are an important part of many ecosystems as they decompose dead trees and other plants. Often, termite infestations begin as buildings are built over their former habitats.

What Do Termites Look Like?

One of the reasons why termite damage can be so extensive is that it’s hard to notice an infestation. Termites usually remain out of sight in areas we don’t see often such as inside of walls or under floorboards. However, there are certain times of the year including the spring and summer when you have a higher chance of seeing termites around your property.

This is the time of year when termite swarmers leave the colony to reproduce. These termites are dark brown to black with wings and look like flying ants. Other termites in the colony are the worker and soldier termites, and they are cream-colored and wingless.

What Are Early Signs Of Termite Infestations?

It is especially difficult to notice termites at the beginning stages of an infestation. Many of the signs of termites are damage to the building, and this damage doesn’t become noticeable until termites have been there for a while.

This is why it’s important to be on the lookout for some early signs of termite infestations. These signs include hearing a soft clicking coming from inside of the walls and seeing small piles of soft pellets next to wooden structures. These pellets are called frass, and they are termite droppings that have been pushed out of nests.

However, the overall best way to identify a termite infestation early on is to get annual professional inspections. Because termites can be such a tricky pest, and because they are so destructive, it’s a good idea to take this important preventive measure.

A Few More Signs Of Termites

While clicking noises and frass are two of the main signs of these pests, here are a few other things you can be on the lookout for as well.

  • Doors and windows that fit more tightly in their frames
  • Finding shed wings around your property or spotting termite swarmers
  • Buckling or squeaking floorboards
  • Noticing what looks like water damage but not seeing a source of moisture

The Most Effective Way To Protect Your Home From Termites

If you’ve noticed termite activity around your property, don’t waste your time and money trying to remove these invasive pests on your own. Instead, let Red Rock Pest Control remove these difficult insects. We also provide termite inspections which are the best overall way to protect your property from damage.

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