The Trick To Keeping Snakes Away From Your Las Vegas Property

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April 22, 2021

a common gopher snak in a las vegas yard

Commercial property managers and residential homeowners can both agree on one thing: snakes are a bad business for everyone. Unfortunately for those of us in Las Vegas, snakes aren’t just an infrequent visitor, but a continuously unwanted lawn guest that seems to pop up everywhere we go. Some of the most common species found in this part of the country include:

  • Gopher Snakes
  • Coachwhip Snakes
  • Sharp-Tailed Snakes
  • California Kingsnakes
  • Western Rattlesnakes

Not every snake species listed is poisonous, but the Western Rattlesnake can create a multitude of concerns for both humans and their pets.Toxic venom and short tempers allow Western Rattlesnakes to send hundreds of victims to the hospital each year. This doesn’t mean that other snake species are not dangerous, however. In fact, even snakes without venom still have the ability to bite when threatened, and will cause pain and infections in certain victims. At the end of the day, no snake affecting human life is a good snake.    

Snake Prevention Tips For Las Vegas Homeowners

No one wants snakes in their homes especially when they have grown into a full-blown infestation.That’s why it will be important to invest both time and effort into mitigation techniques that really work. Here are a few of the most common mitigation steps:

  • Remove snake harborage zones from around the property. If you are keeping rock piles, firewood stacks, untrimmed bushes, or various large objects scattered about the home, you may be inviting these raucous reptiles directly into your lawn.
  • Clear any yard debris that could become a burrowing area for snakes in the future.This includes keeping grass trimmed and maintained, as well as raking up any leaf piles that may have left from the fall.
  • Look for ways to mitigate moisture levels out in the yard. This specifically involves filling low points or dips with topsoil in order to discourage puddling.
  • Snakes may already be active on your property, and could easily skirt around your prevention efforts with just the smallest amount of effort. If you are concerned about the existence of snakes around your Las Vegas home, it is important to schedule a complimentary residential inspection through Red Rock Pest control immediately.

Send Away Those Slithering Creatures With Red Rock Pest Control

The worst surprise you can find in your home is a beady-eyed, sharp fanged, potentially poisonous snake. Prevention steps can definitely help to keep your home snake-free, but even they are not always 100% effective. If you are truly dedicated to keeping snakes away from your property, investing in a pest control system that considers all factors and species is essential.

In fact, it is always safer and more effective to rely on the professional assistance from Red Rock Pest Control rather than DIY (do it yourself) home efforts. Working in the pest control business for generations, our company has come face to face with dozens of snake species, infestations, and household problems. We use a variety of methods to remove pests from Las Vegas households, keeping everyone safe and injury free. We will protect you, your home, and all the ones you love, while also respecting your bottom line. We will do snake control for you!

Reach out to our professional ‘snakesperts’ today by calling your local Las Vegas branch right away! Not sure if you’re ready to get started? Submit any questions you may have about our program through the online contact form available on our website. We’re ready to chat, call, and visit with you as soon as you decide.