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Unlike humans who go outside during warmer seasons, scorpions go inside, and the best place they find comfort is your house.

Three species of scorpion that are common to the Las Vegas area are bark scorpions, emperor scorpions, and desert hairy scorpions. Of the three, the Bark Scorpion is the most dangerous. The other two are annoying and painful, but not dangerous.

Most scorpions hide under logs, rocks, boards and clutter. They are also known to hide under dead palm fronds. If you have palm trees with drooping, dead palm fronds, you could have a scorpion infestation.

If scorpions have built a community in your house, you know whom to call: Red Rock Pest Control. 

Red Rock's Scorpion Control Process

The first step is to do a thorough evaluation of your home and yard to see if you have an infestation. Our experienced professionals know where to look to search for scorpions. 

Our experts will visit your house when it is dark to identify them easily using black lights. 

Scorpion Control Service in Las Vegas

Once they find the scorpions, they will collect and remove them from your house. 

Red Rock Pest Control will then return to your house to apply an exterior barrier which will serve to keep scorpions out. 

After the treatment is complete, they will conduct one final black light search of the scorpions to ensure they are all gone. 

Here are 6 Tips for Hiring Top Rated Scorpion Control Service

  1. Are the technicians certified?
  2. Is the company experienced? 
  3. Are they licensed?
  4. Do they have positive reviews?
  5. What are their costs?

Tip No. 1: Are The Technicians Certified?

Before you call a pest control service to your home, you must be sure that they have certified technicians.

Our technicians go through a thorough training and certification process for pest removal, and application of state-of-the-art treatments designed to stop future infestations before they start.

Tip No. 2: Is The Company Experienced?

Another tip to hiring a top-rated scorpion control service in Las Vegas is inquiring how long they have been in service. 

An experienced scorpion control service will use trusted methods and advanced techniques. 

Scorpion Control Service in Las Vegas

Moreover, they will know the appropriate chemicals to use in your home during the extermination process. 

Red Rock Pest Control has years of experience in scorpion control, and we will be sure to deliver quality work promptly. 

Tip No. 3: Are They Licensed?

Ensure that the pest control company is licensed and has all the necessary business licenses and insurance required to operate.

The company can either be bonded or insured. This means that your property will be protected against any form of liability. 

More importantly, their values should correspond with yours.

Tip No. 4: Do They Have Positive Reviews?

One of the most effective ways to know a company's reputation is reading its previous customer reviews

Positive reviews from customers indicate that they are reliable in their services and will provide the same for you. Our customer reviews show that we are providing excellent customer service and quality results.

Scorpion Control Service in Las Vegas

The more positive reviews the company has, the better it is.

Now that you know that the top-rated scorpion control service in Las Vegas is Red Rock Pest Control, here are some tips to ensure the scorpions do not camp in your home. 

How To Avoid Scorpions in Your Home

You have to keep in mind that the bark scorpion, commonly found in Las Vegas, LV, is nocturnal and can be seen mainly in the dark. 

This means that you will not see them every day. However, spotting even a single scorpion in your home is a sign to immediately call Red Rock Pest Control. 

With these measures, you are assured that the scorpions won't be back.

Seal all Openings 

Scorpions always slip into your house through tiny openings as small as the width of a credit card. Ensure you seal all openings around windows and doors. 

Clean the Clutter

Scorpions are nocturnal, so that they will hide under woodpiles, rocks, and debris around the house. Always keep your home clean to eliminate their hiding spots. 

Eliminate their Food Source

Scorpions feed on other smaller bugs like cockroaches and crickets. You can eliminate all the other bugs by calling pest control, and the scorpions will have nothing to eat.

Scorpion Control Service in Las Vegas

Clean the House Corners

Clean areas in your home that are usually avoided, such as behind and under the cabinets. Also, pick up shoes from the floor because this is their best hiding spot.

No Towels on The Floor

Throwing your towels on the floor is risky because a dump, dark and cold place is the perfect place for scorpions to hide.

Call the Pros - Red Rock Pest Control

A professional pest control company will give you quality options to control the scorpions in your house in Las Vegas, NV.

Aside from eliminating their food source, they will completely remove the scorpions and apply control measures to ensure they do not return. 

Before committing to any pest control company, ensure you conduct proper research because no two companies are the same. 

Numerous pest control companies are available in Las Vegas, NV, but you can rely on Red Rock Pest Control to deliver quality results every time. 

Scorpion Control Service in Las Vegas

Red Rock Pest Control not only has certified professionals, but we have a guarantee on our services. You will also get a quote only after we have examined your home. 

Our technicians are trained, and they are honest, trustworthy and very reliable. You will not be disappointed with Red Rock Pest Control. 

Call us today at (702) 518-2580 for a free inspection or to book an appointment via our contact form.