What Pest is Most Active During the Winter in LasVegas?

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If you are one of those people who believe that pests hibernate during winter season, we hate to tell you that it's a misconception. On the contrary, the pests search for a warm place with convenient access to food.

It means your home with a warm temperature becomes a perfect spot for the pests to infest and reproduce.

As scary as it sounds, it’s the reality, and as residents of Las Vegas, we have to face the winter season.

Don’t worry; the following guide lists different pests that can invade your home to take the desired measures to prevent pest infestation.

1.   Bed bugs

2.   Cockroaches

3.   Scorpions

4.   Rodents

5.   Spiders

6.   Ants

7.   Tips to keep the winter pests away from home

The pests are a serious problem in summer; however, they won’t leave you alone in winter when your home is warm and cozy.

1.  Bed Bugs

What Pest is Most Active During the Winter in LasVegas

Winter is also the holiday season, which means traveling. Whether you are returning from vacation or your family is visiting you, there are high chances of bed bug infestation.

A sign of relief is that bed bugs don’t cause any serious illness; however, people with sensitive skin can experience rashes, irritation, or itching.

Many people opt for home remedies to kill bed bugs using a vacuum, heat, or baking soda.

However, bed bugs aren’t restricted to the mattress or the pillow; they can quickly spread to nearby furniture, making it difficult for residents to prevent infestation.

In such a case, it’s best to call pest control professionals to address a bed bug infestation in the most effective way.

2.  Cockroaches

What Pest is Most Active During the Winter in LasVegas

Residents find these creepy crawlies the most hideous of all pests because they carry different pathogens that pose a severe risk to their health. Not only that, but they can contaminate your food and other items stored in the pantry.

Especially if you are living in Las Vegas, you have to deal with these four kinds of roaches:

●     Oriental

●     Berman

●     American

●     Brown-banded

What makes it most difficult for home owners to prevent roach infestation is that they are nocturnal. As such, you won’t find them running in the kitchen during the day.

Cockroach colonies grow rapidly, and the infestation becomes an uncontrollable issue for homeowners.

One of the most effective ways to prevent cockroach infestation is regular inspection.

Experts visit the home and check for dark and warm corners, such as basement pipes, cracks, kitchen cabinets, and under the floor to check for cockroach habitat.

3.  Scorpions

What Pest is Most Active During the Winter in LasVegas

Living in Las Vegas means you are in the middle of the desert. So, it is very possible that you will encounter scorpions in your house and in your yard. The desert offers an ideal climate and environment for the scorpions to thrive.

As a result, Nevada is home to around25 species of scorpions, including Bark and Desert Hairy.

The symptoms of scorpion sting includes increased blood pressure, higher heart rate, and muscle contractions.

4.  Rodents

What Pest is Most Active During the Winter in LasVegas

These are year-round unsanitary pests that can pose a severe health hazard. In Las Vegas, you’ll find these types of rats and mice:

●     Roof rate

●     Norway rate

●     House mouse

●     Deer mouse

Rodents are actually the prime suspect behind 25 percent of fires in homes due to their taste for electrical wires.

Besides contaminating food, rodents can cause severe structural damage to your property by chewing electrical wires, cushions, couches, and other furniture.

The homeowners can deal with one or two rats on their own; however, you may never know if a whole colony is hiding under the floors or inside the vent pipes.

Setting a trap in a home of toddlers, kids, and pets is an issue. That’s why it’s best to call professional pest control services to deal with a rodent infestation.

5.  Spiders

What Pest is Most Active During the Winter in LasVegas

It’s a terrifying fact that several venomous spiders, such as Brown Recluse and Black Widow, are inhabitants of Las Vegas.

The worst part about spiders is that they can sneak into the house through tiny holes or cracks.

On top of that, spiders thrive IN colonies, which means if you see a spider, there may be an entire colony hiding in dark corners.

Most spiders don’t bite humans…they feed on other insects. However, if they sense a threat, they can bite, which leads to severe itching and redness.

6.  Ants

What Pest is Most Active During the Winter in LasVegas

Ants usually accumulate food in summer to hide in warm and ark holes during winter. However, your warm home can draw ants to the kitchen, which isn't acceptable.

Las Vegas is home to around 20 species, including California harvester, southern fire, and Argentine ants. Ants thrive in colonies; so, you won't find one or two ants simply roaming in the home.

We know that pavement ants sting, causing an unpleasant experience;  so you can't mess with them.

7.  Tips to Keep the Winterpests Away from Home

After learning more about winter pests, let’s briefly discuss some techniques to keep them away from your home:

●     You shouldn’t leave any food items, leftovers, or crumbs on the kitchen counter

●     It’s best to empty garbage bins daily

●     If you have pets around, vacuum daily to remove the crumbs.

●     Regularly inspect your home to check for cracks in the seals, pipes, windows, doors, and vent gaps.

Let the Experts Do the Job

You don’t need to deal with the above winter pests all alone. Winter is officially the holiday season you should enjoy with your friends and family.

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