8 No-Sweat Scorpion Prevention Tips For Las Vegas Properties

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April 9, 2021

You know them well: those tiny guests who haunt both your waking life and your nightmares. Las Vegas is famous as a resort city, not only for people but for scorpions. If you are a Las Vegas resident, you are no stranger to these arachnids that have now developed into roughly 1,200 species worldwide.

Sound terrifying? Not to worry! Though scorpions take their center stage as stars who have long outstayed their welcome, there are a few simple steps you can take to go back to enjoying Las Vegas in all of its glory!

Common Local Scorpions And Dangers

Scorpions hardly need an introduction for Las Vegas residents. However, you likely still have questions about the 25 local species of these predatory guests. Las Vegas, unfortunately, is home to the most dangerous scorpion species in the world-the bark scorpion. With such a formidable enemy, it pays to understand it well. The bark scorpion has an excruciating bite filled with a potent venom and is a familiar unwelcome house guest. These scorpions are between 2 and three inches, have a yellowish-brown or tan-striped body, and thinner tails than other species.

The desert hairy scorpion is another common local species larger than the bark scorpion (between 5 to 7 inches in length), yellow with dark back marks, and a hairy body and tail. This scorpion, fortunately, is not as venomous as the bark scorpion.

Scorpions are naturally skilled predators using vibrations and touch to find prey. Despite their many eyes, they don’t see well, however. Bark scorpions are known for clinging upside down to things, which helps them quickly sting if they should be bothered. Fortunately, most scorpions travel solo. However, bark scorpions do like to be in groups, even up to dozens. Regardless of the species of scorpion, please seek medical care immediately if you receive a bite!

No-Sweat Scorpion Prevention Tips

As you might have already guessed, scorpions are not only a nuisance but require the greatest care for your protection. However, here are a few no-sweat tips to help reduce your chances of attack:

  1. Be careful in the yard, especially when moving objects where scorpions can hide. Wear gloves, shoes, and pants if you make contact when the ground-particularly at night, as scorpions like to hunt in darkness.
  2. Scorpions crave respite from the heat. Remove yard debris and any object build-up outside of the home where scorpions may be able to hide.
  3. Check and shake out garments before wearing them. Scorpions can easily be hiding inside.
  4. Turn your bed covers down before coming in at night and remove bed skirts if you think you may have an infestation.
  5. Be careful opening boxes, containers, and when getting things out of storage.
  6. When it’s too hot outside, scorpions will try to make their way inside. Put door sweeps on all doors leading outside. Repair any damaged sweeps, weather stripping, screens, or windows. Seal walls, cracks, and other potential entry points for scorpions.
  7. Though scorpions can survive weeks or months without food, they crave water. Check for sources of standing or leaking water. Wipe down any damp areas. Dehumidifiers, as well as working gutters and downspouts, help keep water out.
  8. Scorpions, like everyone else, come hungry. Controlling their choice snacks (such as insects, lizards, spiders, mice, and other scorpions) goes a long way in discouraging their stay!

Call Red Rock Pest Control

Even the best preventative measures do not alter the fact that scorpions can survive harsh desert climates with little food. Not to mention, the wrong pesticides or application of them could lead to self-poisoning. Thus, with this problematic guest, it’s always best to trust your local experts at Red Rock Pest Control to provide relief that will not harm people or pets.

Our state-certified experts can control scorpions on an ongoing basis so that you can go back to enjoying all that the city has to offer! Contact us today so we can put you back on the road to relief!