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Most people think pigeons are adorable birds, and they do not consider them pets. 

However, the feeling hits differently when the pigeons are constantly on your roofs and solar panels.

Bird control is a delicate process that is supposed to be done by professionals only. However, finding the best pigeon control service can be challenging.

According to research, instead of looking for a reliable pigeon control service, 74% of homeowners use DIY methods, which can sometimes fail.

With the numerous pigeon control services in Las Vegas, you have to be smart enough to select the right one.

Do not fret because we have made the search easier for you. Red Rock Pest Pros is currently our best pick for the best pest control service in Las Vegas, and it's all for good reasons.

Red Rock's Bird Pigeon Control Process

Have you spotted pigeons on your roof, and they come there regularly? Red Rock Pest Pros got you covered.

Whenever you note pigeons around your home or business, you need to take immediate action as soon as possible and call the most reliable bird control service provider.

This is because when pigeons find a place where they feel comfortable, it will be very difficult to chase them away, and it is at this point that Red Rock Pest Pros come in. 

Free Inspections

Once you call them that there is pigeon infestation in your home or business, Red Rock Pest Pros will send their experts to examine the area and conduct a detailed inspection.

Pigeon Control Service in Las Vegas

The bird inspection will help them determine the extent of the infestation and what the birds have caused. 

After conducting the inspection, Red Rock Pest Pros will provide you with a quote covering the bird removal service, and you will not incur any extra fees afterward.

What are the Bird Control Treatments Used?

After determining the severity of the bird situation, Red Rock Pest Pros will begin by removing all the pigeons around the infested regions.

Afterward, they will seal all the birds' openings and clean and sanitize the area. They will also remove all the pigeon dropping and leave the area sparkling clean.

Sanitizing the infested region is crucial as it prevents the pigeons from returning due to the absence of pheromones.

Pigeon Control Service in Las Vegas

If there is a need, the Red Rock Pest Pros experts will install bird wire and bird spikes to prevent birds from perching in that area. 

Moreover, they will also install solar guards, which will seal the solar panels without interfering with the warranty. 

This ensures that they have no chance of staying even if the birds return.

Red Rock Pest Pros Guarantee

If you call Red Rock Pest Pros to remove pigeons from your home or business, you automatically get a one-year pigeon control guarantee on their pest bird control services.

Are the Bird Control Services Humane?

At Red Rock Pest Pros, they implement humane methods of removing the birds from your roofs and walls.

Red Rock Pest Pros' humane bird control methods are less costly, and the results will last for ages - the pigeons will not return.

Here are 4 Reasons Why Pigeon Control is Important

  1. Saves the cost of property repairs and maintenance.
  2. Affects the public image of a brand.
  3. Prevents disease transmission from birds to humans.
  4. Controls the spread of insects and parasites.

No. 1: Saves the Cost of Property Repair and Maintenance

The longer the pigeons stay on your roofs and solar panels, the more damage they cause - consequently, the costs of repairing the damage increase.

The costs will build up as you continue cleaning the pigeon droppings and removing pigeon nests from rooftops. 

Pigeon Control Service in Las Vegas

You will also incur a lot of costs to unclog pipes and drains due to the bird droppings. 

A lot of capital is needed to repair damages caused by bird droppings, paint walls and replace corroded surfaces.

To prevent all these damages and costs, hire a bird control service as soon as possible.

No. 2: Affects the Public Image of a Brand

If you have a business and birds keep infesting your building, the foul smell of the droppings and the sight of the nests and debris all over will negatively affect your business.

It affects the aesthetics of the building, but it also puts off potential customers. Not only that, the employees will lose their work morale, and their productivity will reduce. 

No. 3: Prevents Disease Transmission from Birds to Humans

There are three pigeon diseases that are a health hazard to humans: Psittacosis, Cryptococcosis, and Histoplasmosis. 

When the bird droppings become dry, and humans inhale them, they risk contracting Psittacosis. 

Pigeon Control Service in Las Vegas

Cryptococcosis is a fungal disease transmitted to humans from pigeons and mainly affects individuals with low immunity. 

Histoplasmosis is a fungus that grows in pigeon droppings and the soil. The disease affects the lungs and is infectious.

To prevent the risk of contracting such diseases, call a bird control service like Red Rock Pest Pros to get rid of the birds.

No. 4: Controls the Spread of Insects and Parasites

Did you know that more than 40 parasites and insects live on birds, their nests, and the areas they infest? 

These pests and diseases can be transmitted to humans, becoming a health hazard. 

To prevent such incidents, consult a professional bird control service provider immediately.

Hire Red Rock Pest Pros Today to Get Rid of Pigeons

Do you live in Las Vegas and have a never-ending pigeon problem? Are you fed up with the pigeon droppings? Call Red Rock Pest Pros to come to your rescue. 

They are professionals in bird control, and they utilize humane practices to remove the birds and ensure they do not return.

Pigeon Control Service in Las Vegas

Call them today at (702) 518-2580, and they will come and conduct a free inspection of your home and provide a free quote.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business person, Red Rock Pest Pros have all the equipment and tools to ensure the birds get away from your roofs forever.