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Bed bugs are small parasitic insects about the size of an apple seed. They do not have the ability to fly but can lay hundreds of eggs that further worsen infestation problems.

Let us guide you through your queries on bed bugs and resolve any issues that you may have concerning pests.

We will also help you decide how and why you need professional services in Las Vegas to control any bed bug problems you may have.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Where exactly do bed bugs hide?
  • What happens when bedbugs bite?
  • What are the important signs of infestation?
  • What are the bed bug related treatments?
  • The bed bug extermination process?
  • How to find the best services suited for your problem?
Bed Bugs Control Services in Las Vegas

Where exactly do bed bugs hide?

Bed Bugs usually enter your house stealthily via clothing, baggage, used couches and beds, and other objects. Their flat structure makes it easy for them to fit into small spaces. 

Unlike other insects, bed bugs do not breed together. Nonetheless, they tend to group in tiny places.

Their hiding places include mattresses, headboards, and beddings, with ample access to individuals.

However, bed bugs might spread through the room with time, leaping into crevices or other locations. They also infect nearby rooms or apartments.

Because bed bugs breed through consuming blood, having them in your home is a sign of uncleanliness. You are as highly likely to find them even in spotless homes and hotel rooms as in the filthier ones.

Bed Bugs Control Services in Las Vegas

What happens when Bedbugs Bite?

Bed bugs become primarily active at night and bite people while they sleep. They feed by penetrating the skin's surface and taking out blood via a long beak.

The bugs feed for several minutes. A bug may attack you for three to ten minutes while they do their thing and crawl away unnoticed.

Bed Bugs Control Services in Las Vegas

What are the important signs of infestation?

Waking up during nighttime with itchy areas you didn't have when you went to bed is a sign of bed bugs. You might be facing bed bugs, especially if you have been using a used mattress or furniture.

 Some other signs and clues indicate a bed bug problem include:

  • Bloodstains on your beddings
  • Dark spots of bed bug residue on your sheets and mattresses, beddings, and walls
  • Bed bug feces, eggshells, and sheds of skins in places where bed bugs lurk
  • A strong, musty smell of bug

If you suspect any such signs, remove the bedding and check for signs of bed bugs or their residue. 

Remove the cover from the lower end of the springs and inspect the wood framing. Remove the fabric where it gets embedded into the wood frame.

Also, check the places around the bed, including the insides of any books, carpets, and electrical outlets. Check your wardrobe because bed bugs can cling to the surface of clothing.

If you are still in doubt about having bed bugs, call a pest controller who will know what signs to look out for.

However, if you find signs of infestation, commence with essential steps to get rid of the bugs and prevent them from returning.

Bed Bugs Control Services in Las Vegas

What are the bed bug related treatments?

Exterminating bed bugs starts with cleaning up where bed bugs mostly hide. 

These include the following:

  • Put clean beddings, curtains, linens and other clothing in water at a high and dry through a fast spin in a dryer. 
  • Place stuffed toys, shoes, and other items that could not be washed in a dryer and spin on high speed for a good 30 minutes.
  • Before vacuuming, use a brush to scrub the mattresses to remove bed bugs and nymphs.
  • Vacuum the bed and surrounding area around it.
  •  After vacuuming, quickly put the vacuum cleaner storage bag in another plastic bag and throw it out in the garbage can outside.
  • Case mattresses and springs with a robust and zip-like cover to keep any bed bugs from emerging or escaping out.

Bed bugs have a lifespan of a year. These pests can live without feeding, so it is essential to keep the cover on your mattress for less than a year to lessen the chances of infestation by all kinds of different bugs.

Repair any cracks around the bed area and glue peeling wallpaper to avoid spots where bed bugs can hide.

Get rid of mess and clutter around the bed.

If your mattress gets infested, throw it away and get a new one but take note to rid the rest of your house of bed bugs, or they will infest your new mattress again.

Bed Bugs Control Services in Las Vegas

How to find the best services suited for your problem?

While cleaning up infested places will aid in controlling bed bugs, exterminating them requires chemical treatments. Treating your bed and bedroom with pesticides and insecticides is harmful.

It is essential to use products while taking all the required safety measures. Hence, hiring a professional for bed bug extermination and related problems is safe and effective.

After you have identified the signs and tried to take preventative measures by yourself, it's time to call in a pest controller to get rid of the problem once and for all.

If you've tried and failed, begin with calling a professional.

Bed Bugs Control Services in Las Vegas

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