Why Hire Commercial Pest Control Service in Las Vegas?

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Commercial Pest Control
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April 9, 2021

If you own or manage a commercial property, you'll almost certainly have to deal with insect or rodent problems at some point. And the best way to get rid of pests is with pest control services.

In fact, in Vegas, if you own a business, your company is generally required to have pest management, especially if food is prepared, distributed, or stored at your facility.

And hiring a commercial pest control service can be an asset to your business as well. Many consumers consider whether you have regular pest control or not as an indicator for them to enter your premises and do business with you.

So the first reason why you should hire commercial pest control in Las Vegas is that you have a commercial property.

  • It keeps everyone using your property safe.
  • It is a legal requirement for operations.
  • It assures your customers and employees.
  • It helps you sustain your business.

And it is vital that you get commercial and not residential pest control for your business.

This is because a service provider that only specializes in residential pest control work wouldn’t have the capacity to do the job you needed to be done.

residential pest control

You Can’t Get Residential Pest Control for Your Commercial Property.

Residential properties are prone to certain kinds of insects like bed bugs. And residential pest control often solves small-scale and on-time pest problems.

As for commercial properties, they usually face more significant issues such as larger pests in a larger space. There can also be systemic ecological factors that might come into play that a residential pest control provider is not specialized in handling.

And as for businesses in the food industry, they are usually concerned with pests like flies or cockroaches. And a food business owner should employ regular service to maintain a pest-free facility.

Homeowners often request a one-time call to eliminate their current pest control problem. As for commercial properties, they require routine and preventive services for the long term sustainability of zero infestation.

Furthermore, from a pest-control perspective, all homes are alike, despite their differing aesthetics. Termites, ants, and bedbugs can all be treated the same, regardless of the size of the home.

On the other hand, there is a vast range of commercial properties in terms of their size and layout, where they are located, what materials are inside the facility that can attract pests and more.

In addition, pests may be drawn to the business itself. 

While food service establishments can be plagued by ants, flies and mice, a hardware store might be attracting termites. 

So every company must have a unique pest control plan from a service provider that specialises in commercial properties. 

A commercial pest control contractor will keep pest elimination safe and implement measures to prevent reinfestation - all done safely and quickly, with minimal obstruction to your business.

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Pest Management

commercial pest control service in Las Vegas

Here are the benefits of hiring commercial pest management.

Benefit #1: Disease Prevention

Pests come with different kinds of diseases by carrying various parasites and viruses.

For example, flies and cockroaches carry germs that may cause Dysentery, Salmonellosis, and Cholera. Another example is that rats can transmit Tapeworms or Lung Worms and even cause Leptospirosis.

A commercial pest control provider will ensure not only to eliminate the pests causing you a problem but also sanitize your property to get rid of germs that they might have brought in.

Benefit #2: Litigation Mitigation

The last thing you want to happen is an employee or customer getting sick because of your establishment's unsanitary conditions.

Employees getting sick will slow down your business. While customers catching diseases might sue you, potentially shutting down your business if the situation is severe.

Regular inspection from your local commercial pest control contractor will prevent these distressing events from happening.

Benefit #3: Improved Reputation

A swarm of flies or a cockroach infestation can significantly ruin a restaurant’s reputation. And if customers find bugs or rodents in your hotel, it will gravely affect how they see your business. 

And one person having a bad time with your business can easily share the experience with 13 or more potential customers. The word might spread around and cause negative reviews on your business, resulting in a loss of customers and sales.

So having pests in your establishment can shut your business down,, not just for legal reasons. They can give you a bad reputation that keeps people from bringing their business to you.

On the other hand, if you have regular pest control inspections and services and make it known to your market, they will trust that entering your establishment is safe. And that’s good for your reputation.

Benefit #4: Money Saving

Commercial pest control provides solutions that prevent problems that may cost more money to solve.

It can be difficult to recover from the widespread bad reputation caused by an infestation. Also, without pest control, the Sanitation District Advisory Committee (SDAC) might shut you down, killing your profits.

With commercial pest control, you are not simply keeping bugs and rodents away from your property. You are also ensuring that you will not lose products, sales, and customers by preventing infestation.

Kinds of Pests Commercial Pest Control Specialists Manage

Experienced commercial pest control companies can deal with various kinds of pests and infestations. And they employ sustainable solutions that help keep your business alive and profitable.

Here are the most common pests you might encounter for your business and how a commercial pest control service can help you eliminate them.



Mice and rats always find access to any establishment. They are very good at looking for entry points.

You can DIY traps that can manage them for a period of time. But they are smart and can simply transfer from one part of your property to another.

Commercial pest pros have a complete approach to sustainable elimination and reinfestation prevention.

They will not only remove rodents from your place via safe and effective methods but they will also work on permanently sealing entry points, stopping them from coming back.



Cockroaches are undeniably one of the most despised pests to encounter. Many even fear and are disgusted by it, and they are also known to carry a number of diseases and parasites.

If you are running a restaurant or food production business, roaches are the last thing you’d want to see in the building aside from flies.

Having regular inspection and professional cleaning by your local commercial pest company will ensure your premises are pest-free.

Mosquitoes and Flies

Mosquitoes and Flies

Flies and mosquitoes are some of the most common bugs that can infest your commercial property. And they might be small, but they carry pretty awful viruses, diseases, and parasites. 

With that, you wouldn’t want them anywhere in your business establishment especially, if you’re in the food or health industry.

Pest control management specialists will come up with the perfect service for your situation and business.



Termites can be severely destructive to any property. In severe cases, an infestation could lead a building to complete destruction.

And one of the worst about termites is that even a minor issue can result in a massive deal of inconvenience that may require expensive solutions.

Additionally, after eliminating termites, you might have to do restoration for the damages the pests left you with.

In order to prevent those horrible scenarios from happening, you can contact your local commercial pest control company. They can have your building inspected and implement preventive measures as soon as possible.

Save Your Business From Pests

If you operate in Nevada, pests can be one of the common problems you will have to solve and mitigate.

The good news is that the “Best Choice in Commercial Pest Control” is just within your reach.

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