How Much Do You Know About Turkestan Cockroaches In Las Vegas?

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April 9, 2021

a turkestan cockorach on a white table

Do you call them rusty reds, red runners, or simply lats? In any case, these terrible pest invaders are one and the same! Turkestan cockroaches are a species of insect originating in the Middle East. These creatures are not known for being aggressive household invaders, although finding a colony that has moved to an indoor area is not unheard of. Foraging and other colony tasks may lead them to tunnel inside unexpectedly, drawing them into private residences.

Characterized by rusty red exoskeletons, Turkestan cockroaches are more attracted to lighting sources (AKA human habitation) than other roach species. Due to their large size, these pests make a great pet food for animals like snakes and lizards. Unfortunately, continuous pet breeding only adds to this cockroach’s widespread reach. An ongoing Turkestan cockroach presence on your Las Vegas property is a major health concern for all parties involved. It is important to prevent their initial presence in order to keep your friends, neighbors, and loved ones safe.

Preventing Turkestan Cockroaches In Las Vegas

Although Turkestan cockroaches may differ from other varieties in form, their functions are largely the same. Many of the prevention tips that apply to other members of the roach family are conducive to the following prevention tips:

  • Seal off all potential entry points found around the house. Begin by checking human entry points for signs of damage, such as ripped window screens or old door weatherproofing. Fill cracks and crevices with a waterproof caulking that seals fast and efficiently.
  • Reduce access to water spots on the interior of the home. Use machines such as dehumidifiers or mitigation tools such as desiccant bags to reduce atmospheric water. For puddling moisture, address pipes or drains that could be suffering from damage, clogs, or leaks.
  • Limit access to open food on your counters, pantries, and tables. Seal all food items in strong, resealable containers, and manage the crumbs or granules that you may leave behind.
  • Reduce bright lighting fixtures around the outside of the home. Turkestan cockroach pests are attracted to strong lighting sources, and become both indoor and outdoor problems if left unchecked.

If you are continuing to experience heightened Turkestan cockroach activity around your Las Vegas property, it is likely that your situation has evolved from infiltration to full on infestation. Develop a better picture of your unique circumstances by consulting with a home inspection professional at Red Rock Pest Control.

Professional Removal Requires Professional Assistance – Red Rock Pest Control

While it would be a much simpler world if DIY (do it yourself) prevention techniques could eliminate pest infestations, it is simply not a real possibility. The best chance you have at removing a cockroach infestation from your home is to use professional treatments and procedures. No matter what species of cockroach is skittering about your Las Vegas living space, it will require hard work, determination, and professional removal services in order to remove them completely. Find all these attributes and more in the knowledgeable professionals of Red Rock Pest Control, your Las Vegas provider of Turkestan roach inspection, remediation, and prevention services. Our team has generations of experience working in residential and commercial environments, and is proud to have assisted hundreds of homeowners with pest control efforts in their home.

If you are looking for the best way to get rid of or prevent cockroach infestations from affecting your Las Vegas home, look no further than the pros at Red Rock Pest Control. Ready to schedule your first appointment? Book a preferred time by calling, visiting, or submitting your contact info through the form on our website. We’re looking forward to serving you well, in whatever way is necessary for a pest-free home. Get tough on pests with Red Rock Pest Control today!