How Much Does a Termite Inspection Cost in Las Vegas?

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Once a colony of termites enters your home, it may be difficult to spot them and if you do spot them it might be too late. In many cases, termites will cause damage in hidden areas before it makes a more visible appearance.

This in turn will cause you to pay thousands of dollars to repair your home. That is why it is important to consult with a pest control company to assist you in removing the termites from your property.

The numerous species within the termite collective may not pose a direct threat to an individuals life, however, they may cause adverse effects to one’s health.

While a termite’s bite is not toxic and they are not known to carry any harmful diseases. 

They may cause an allergic reaction to residents should they be allergic to their saliva and droppings and sometimes they even be the cause of asthma attacks.

When heaters and other ventilation systems are used, this may exacerbate the spread of irritating particles from a termite’s nest.

A termite’s main source of food is wood, however, they also feed on anything containing cellulose such as live plants, paper, and cardboard. When they are unable to find food, they will destroy anything in their pathway to get their food source.

In USA and Canada alone, termites can cause an estimated $5 billion in damages per year. This is more than the damages caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

In Las Vegas, there are two prominent species of termites that are commonly found. The first is the western subterranean termite which can cause extensive damage to properties as they build nests in the ground and use mud tubes as a pathway to your property.

They prefer to feed on softwood which is found in between wood grains. These types of termites are mostly found in developed areas with warmer climates which makes a Las Vegas home its favourite feeding ground.

The second type of termite found is a dry wood termite. This type lives in the dry wood of your property and can chew through support beams, walls and floors.

Dry wood termites can enter your property if you were to bring an already infested piece of furniture.

How Much Does a Termite Inspection Cost in Las Vegas

Here are five warning signs that you may have termites in your home.

  1. Discarded Wings.
  2. Termite Droppings.
  3. Mud Tubes.
  4. Wood Damage.
  5. Swarming.

Sign #1: Discarded Wings 

Termites have wings that they discard immediately after flying from one place to another. 

Sign #2: Termite Droppings

These can look like large grains of sand with a colour range of cream sand-like to black.

These droppings can be found within termite-infested wood. If they are seen out in the open, this is a clear sign of an active termite infestation.

Sign #3: Mud Tubes

As termites have very dry skin, they dehydrate and shed skin very easily, therefore they need to live in an extremely humid environment. 

This is why termites are usually found in basements, cellars, foundations. They will create mud tubes in these areas to further increase their protection.

However, this does not mean that they are active at the time, one way to check for activity is to break off the middle of the tube. If termites swarm out of the mud tube or if you come back the next day and the area has been rebuilt, then the termites are active.

Sign #4: Wood damage

Termites feed on wood as well as borough through the wood to look for other food sources. This can then weaken the structure of the wood.

This may be difficult to spot because most of the damage done to the wood is behind the wall. 

You might be able to spot termites by finding small holes in drywall. In addition, if you knock on your wall and it sounds hollow, this may also be a sign of termites.

You may also find maize like patterns in wood floors and wood furniture. Also soggy or off-centre squeaky floorboards can be indications of termites.

How Much Does a Termite Inspection Cost in Las Vegas

Sign #5: Swarming

Seeing a termite swarm is an indication of a thriving colony that has grown so big that the colony must split up.

These termites will not leave a property due to their larger size. Rather, the colony will find a new wood posting within the same building to lay claim to.

Three ways to prevent termites on your property

These solutions may assist in keeping smaller groups of termites away

  1. Kitchen Salt
  2. Boric Acid
  3. Essential Oils

#1: Using Kitchen Salt

Table salt is Sodium Chloride which can be very useful in cleaning and disinfecting, it can prevent termites from appearing,

Mix equal parts salt and water to soak some cotton balls which can then be applied to the affected areas. The cotton is made of cellulose which will attract the termites, while the salt will dehydrate them and drive them away.

How Much Does a Termite Inspection Cost in Las Vegas

#2: Boric Acid

A chemical compound commonly used to treat infections can also be used to prevent termites. Boric acid is already found in insecticides, it attacks the nervous system of termites and dehydrates them.

Mix equal parts of boric acid and sugar and place in containers or bottles with lids and jars around the affected areas for three to four weeks. This will also drive away cockroaches and rats.

This mixture is not toxic in small quantities but can be harmful in larger ones. Avoid contact especially around the eye area and ensure that it is kept away from animals and children.

#3: Essential Oils

Essential oils are mostly used in skincare, however, they can also be used to drive out termites. Oils such as eucalyptus, orange, cinnamon, mint, and clove are the best suited for this purpose.

Using a spray bottle in the affected area will help to drive out the termites.

Professional Termite Inspections

While these tips and tricks may assist you in preventing termites, it is not a sure way of disposing of the pests. It is best to enquire for a professional to assist you in pointing out the problem areas.

This is especially true if you are looking to buy or sell a property as this will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. It is also best to consult a professional before trying any home remedies as the termites can become much larger than you can handle.

In Las Vegas, a termite inspection can range from $50 to $100 from professional inspectors. However, at Red Rock Pest, they will conduct a free inspection! 

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