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Bed bug infestations have had a resurgence in the United States, and Las Vegas is no exception. Even if you keep your house as clean as can be because Las Vegas is a hotbed for tourists, you may bring back bed bugs into your home.

While they are not known to spread diseases, bed bugs can give you itchy bites, and they can also bother you and your family enough at night to cause insomnia and induce stress

If you have a bed bug infestation, it can grow quickly in numbers to the point that it is difficult to manage. If you have a bed bug problem, you will need a professional pest control company such as ourselves at Red Rock Pest Control.

What are the Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, so they only come out at night because they are hiding from those inhabiting the space. Therefore, it can be difficult to spot a bed bug infestation, especially if you do not know what to look for.

One noticeable sign of bed bugs in your home is if you have any bites on your body that you do not know how they came to be. A bed bug bite looks like a small red bump and they are usually on the upper part of the body placed in a linear pattern.

Bed bugs will breed as they consume blood from your body. If you have them in your home, then it is a clear indication of uncleanliness. 

However, they can also be found in very clean homes as well as in filthy hotel rooms.

In addition, bed bugs will leave signs, such as small brown streaks or tiny red dots behind on your sheets or blankets. This will let you know that there have been bed bugs feeding on your bed and leaving excrement behind.

The bed bugs will most likely shield themselves from your eyes in and around your mattress. You can also see them in between your sheets and within the seams of your mattress.

In addition, bed bugs may be nestled in between your mattress and the headboard and they may leave discarded skins and eggs.

Bed bugs also do not just hide in beds, they can also hide in picture frames, clothing, electrical outlets, upholstered furniture, as well as cracks and crevices.

Kill Bed Bugs Fast & Permanently in Las Vegas

What is the Treatment Process?

At Red Rock Pest Control, we have a three-step comprehensive process that ensures that the bed bug infestation in your home is eradicated.

Firstly, we begin the bed bug control process by conducting a free bed bug inspection. We will provide you with one of our professional service technicians who will visit your home to perform a thorough investigation and will look for signs of bed bugs and their presence.

Should there be a bed bug infestation found in your home, we will then determine the extent of the infestation. This will allow us to give you a quote for the bed bug service. We will also provide you with a bed bug treatment preparation sheet

We utilize a conventional treatment method that will eliminate all bed bugs. So that we achieve the most effective result, we treat the entire house with a primary focus on the area where the bed bugs hide and feed

When bed bug extermination begins, the technician will begin by looking at the common hiding places for bed bugs.

The most common hiding places for bed bugs are mattresses, bed frames, cracks and crevices, box springs.

Around the 30-day mark post the initial bed bug treatment, we will return to your home to conduct another inspection for bed bugs and will also re-treat if it is necessary.

We also treat your mattress as it is part of the bed bug control process that we at Red Rock Pest Control provides. Therefore there is no need to spend any more money trying to replace it.

We also sell and install mattress encasements which are specially designed mattress covers that ensure the protection of your mattress from bed bugs. Due to their design, the encasement is installed around your mattress and this prevents bed bugs from penetrating the mattress.

Our conventional methods are so effective that if you are looking for a bed bug heat treatment, it is not necessary as the bed bugs are eliminated in all stages of development.

It should be noted that bed bugs can live for a year without feeding. Therefore, you will need to change your mattress cover after 6 months because the chances of an infestation of any kind of bug will lessen.

Kill Bed Bugs Fast & Permanently in Las Vegas

What Can Be Done to Treat a Bed Bug Infestation?

You can try the following steps to decrease the number of bed bugs in your home. First, you can put clean beddings and other related materials in water to wash them before placing them in a high-speed dryer.

Then, with items that cannot be washed, place them in a high-speed dryer and spin for 30 minutes to kill any bed bugs. You can also vacuum your bed and the surrounding area, however, you should scrub the mattress before doing this to remove any bed bugs.

After vacuuming, clean out the contents of the vacuum bag and throw it in the garbage. You can then encase the infected mattress in a bag with a zip to prevent any bed bugs that you may have missed from escaping.

Once your home has been treated for bed bugs by Red Rock Pest Control, you need to ensure that any cracks around the infested area are repaired to prevent any bed bugs from hiding there.

What Can Red Rock Pest Control Do For You?

Once you have had your free inspection, you might want to consider enrolling in the Red Rock Pest Control General Pest Service + Scorpion + Bed Bug Program in which we offer a bed bug guarantee

This is perfect for any Las Vegas homeowner and we can treat a wide variety of common household pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, and bed bugs.

You will get a monthly visit from one of our highly-trained technicians. If there is a pest problem in between these visits, we will return to re-treat your home for free!