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Are Termites Literally Eating You Out Of House And Home?

When termites invade your home or business, they can be there for months or even years without you knowing. Unfortunately, their extended stay doesn't come without extensive damage. As long as those termites remain within your walls, they'll continue eating away at the wooden structure inside, causing significant damage over time that will be costly to repair. Don't let termites destroy your Las Vegas home or business. Stop them before the damage begins with a termite control plan from Red Rock Pest Control.

Red Rock's Termite Control Process

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The only way to protect your Las Vegas home or business from termites is to eliminate any that are currently on your property and take preventative measures to ensure no future infestations occur. As a Certified Termidor® provider, Red Rock can make that happen!

Free Termite Inspections

Before we begin treatment, a licensed pest control technician will come inspect your home or business and the surrounding property for signs of termite activity and subsequent damage, as well as look for conditions that are conducive to termite infestations. Based on the findings, you will receive a termite control proposal written explicitly for your situation.

Termite Control Treatments

At Red Rock, we rely solely on Termidor® liquid treatments to eradicate termites in and around Southern Nevada properties. During this service, we'll dig a shallow trench around the perimeter of your home or business and apply product to the base of the foundation, creating a continuous barrier of protection against wood-destroying termites. We also treat plumbing penetrations through the foundation for added protection at vulnerable areas.

How Does Termidor® Work?

Termidor® liquid treatment bonds tightly to the soil to create a continuous zone of termite protection after being applied along your foundation walls. Undetectable to termites, they will walk right through the treated area without trying to avoid it. Regardless of whether termites ingest the Termidor® or just come in contact with it, it will prove fatal. Furthermore, with the Termidor® transfer effect, they can spread the product throughout their colony like a virus, eventually eliminating the entire termite colony.

Certified Termite Inspections From Red Rock Pest Control

In the state of Nevada, VA loans and FHA loans require a certified termite inspection. Even if you're using a different loan, getting a certified termite inspection before purchasing a home is always a smart decision.

What Does A Certified Termite Inspection Consist Of?

A certified termite inspection is a thorough review of a property for any signs of termite activity or damage. A certified technician will inspect your home, including crawlspaces, attics, garages, porches, and more. During this inspection, we will look for termites, termite casings, frass, mud tubes, exit holes, and visible wood damage.

Once the inspection has been completed, the service technician will complete the necessary report and submit it to the Department of Agriculture, as well as provide you with a copy. Reports are completed and sent within three business days. The cost of a certified termite inspection is $69. For same-day inspection and reporting, the price is $99.


Red Rock Pest Control's Termite Bond

Your termite inspection or control service may also include a termite bond. Ask us for details to see if your home qualifies!

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Termite Control Frequently Asked Questions

Why do termites swarm?

Termites swarm for one reason—to mate. Winged reproductive members of a colony are the only ones to swarm during this mating period. Once they pair up, they shed their wings and then return underground in a new location to form a new colony.

When do termites in Las Vegas swarm?

Termites can swarm at various times throughout the year, although they do so most often in the spring, typically on a warm day after heavy rainfall.

What are the most common signs of termites?

Signs of termites are subtle and often easy to miss. Typically, by the time these signs become apparent, the termite infestation has grown to large and dangerous proportions. Obvious signs of termite damage include sagging walls, buckling floors, and bulging ceilings in your home; doors and windows that are difficult to open and close are also a sign of potential termite damage. If you see mud tubes on the outside of your foundation walls, you’re dealing with a termite infestation. Any points where wood comes in direct contact with the soil is a good place to look for termite activity. If you see grooves along the wood, this is a good indication that termites are likely present.

How do you tell the difference between winged termites and flying ants?

Winged termites and flying ants can be difficult to tell apart, but there are several subtle differences between the two. Both insects have two sets of wings, but termite wings are equal in length while the front pair of ant wings are longer than the back pair. Termites have straight antennae, while ants' antennae are elbowed. Finally, termites have wide waists, while ants have segmented bodies.

How much damage can termites really do?

Across the United States, termites cause over $5 billion in damages to structures every year. While it's hard to imagine this type of destruction, it helps to understand that a termite colony can quickly grow into a colony of hundreds of thousands of members, or in extremely extensive infestations, even over a million termites. That many termites continually eating away at your home can do a serious amount of damage in a relatively short period of time.

Does homeowners' insurance in Nevada cover termite damage?

Homeowners' insurance does not cover termite damage as it is considered a preventable expense. Therefore, getting yearly inspections is wise, and taking preventative measures by getting termite control from Red Rock Pest Control is even smarter!


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