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Stop Scorpions From Overtaking Your Las Vegas Property

Scorpions have become a growing problem in Las Vegas in recent years. With Southern Nevada’s dry climate, cool nights, and plentiful food sources, many Las Vegas residents are experiencing increasing problems with scorpions. Often found living in large groups, bark scorpions can take over a property or neighborhood in no time, and although their stings are not usually fatal, they are painful and do require a trip to the emergency room. If you have a scorpion problem, contact the experts at Red Rock Pest Control.

Red Rock’s Scorpion Control Process

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At Red Rock Pest Control, our scorpion control is a three-pronged process that takes place during one service visit. Because scorpions are nocturnal and easier to spot through the use of a black light, this service, called our Black Light Service, is performed at night.

How Does Red Rock Pest Control Eliminate Scorpions?

During the first step of this process, our service technicians will come to your home after dark to look for scorpions on your property. After ensuring that all the lights around your house are turned off, we will use black lights to locate any scorpions on your property; scorpions glow under the light and are often in clusters, making it easy to spot them. If any scorpions are found during this service, we will collect and remove them from your yard.

From there, we’ll return to your house to treat your property for scorpions. During this visit, one of our professionals will apply an exterior barrier treatment that extends six feet out from the foundation and all around the perimeter of your home. We’ll then treat any cracks and crevices around the exterior foundation and can also provide an interior treatment at this time, if necessary. Once this treatment is complete, we’ll do another sweep with the black light to remove any remaining scorpions that evaded capture from your property.


 Red Rock’s Scorpion Control Guarantee

A home pest control plan that includes coverage for scorpions is required to qualify for our scorpion control guarantee. Please ask us for more details.

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Scorpion Control Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Red Rock Pest Control’s scorpion control service performed at night?

Scorpions are nocturnal creatures that spend most of the day hidden away. Even when out in the open, they are small and tend to blend into their surroundings. By hunting them at night, Red Rock has two distinct advantages. First, scorpions glow under the black lights we use, making it very easy to find them. Second, the scorpions are more likely to be out in the open, making them easier to remove.

Are scorpions dangerous?

Yes, scorpions are very dangerous. Their ability to hide makes it easy to come across one unexpectedly, even in a shoe or piece of clothing. Not only that, scorpions deliver excruciating stings and some species can be deadly. Although bark scorpions, which are common in Las Vegas, do not typically produce fatal stings, their venom will cause severe pain. In people that are highly allergic to their venom, their stings can be fatal.

Can scorpions climb walls?

Scorpions can climb walls and often do in an attempt to soak up the heat that the walls have collected during the day. As part of Red Rock’s scorpion control process, we treat back walls and fences to eliminate the scorpion populations on your property and make these areas off-limits to scorpions in the future.


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