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Red Rock's Rodent Control Process

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Free Rodent Inspections

At Red Rock Pest Control, we provide free rodent inspections. During this inspection, we will thoroughly inspect your property, including your crawl space and attic, to identify which type of rodent has invaded and how bad the infestation is. We’ll look for signs these animals leave behind, including gnaw marks, rub marks, nesting areas, feces, and damage. We will also determine how they’re getting inside and identify the conditions that are attracting them. This inspection gives us the information we need to understand how best to treat your rodent problem as well as provide you with an accurate quote for the service.

Initial Rodent Control Service

Based on the inspection results and current pest activity, Red Rock has a variety of methods at our disposal to ensure timely and effective rodent control. These methods include the installation of traps in attics or crawlspaces, exclusion services such as patching stucco, caulking gaps, sealing holes, replacing tiles, and exterior bait station placement. Depending on your specific rodent problem, we may use some or all of these methods.

Follow-Up Rodent Control Services

Our rodent control service is a one-month program. During this time, we'll return once a week to ensure all rodents have been eliminated.


Red Rock’s Rodent Control Guarantee

If you’re part of one of our home pest control programs with a rodent control add-on, our rodent service is guaranteed. These plans cover common household pests, such as ants, spiders, and roaches. Scorpion and bed bug control are also available as optional add-ons. If you choose to participate in one of these service plans, Red Rock will treat your home regularly and will re-treat for free should you see pests between visits.

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