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Red Rock’s Residential Pest Control Process

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Red Rock, Home Of The $19 Pest Service

When you sign on with us for a year of pest control, we’ll discount your initial service from $169 to just $19, with a recurring bi-monthly cost of $69 for ongoing treatment. 

Free Pest Control Inspections

Prior to our initial treatment, we’ll first perform a thorough inspection of your home and yard to determine the exact pest pressures you’re dealing with, any potential entry points or vulnerable areas in the exterior of your home, and any conditions conducive to pest infestations. This helps us tailor our pest control services to your specific needs.

Initial Pest Control Service

For the most effective results, we utilize Safer Barrier technology to create a lasting barrier of pest defense, focusing on three main areas of your home and property:

  • The interior of the home

  • The exterior of the home

  • The back wall

During this initial service, we’ll treat both the interior and exterior of your home. Outside, we’ll clear spider webs, sweep and dust eaves up to 20ft as well as water boxes, irrigation systems, and all around the outside of the house. Next, we will perform a power spray service in a 6ft barrier around the home, windows, doors, eaves and apply spot treatments to the back wall, cracks and crevices, and any other areas of possible pest harborage. We’ll also treat around bushes and flip rocks and stepping stones to treat underneath. This power spray service is designed to flush out any pests on your property and deter them from returning in the future.

Inside, we’ll treat the baseboards of your home and focus the majority of our treatments on entry points, under sinks, around pipes, and around windows and doors.

*Our pest control plans include treatment for garages. We will also treat outbuildings and small exterior structures.

*Rodent control can be added as an add-on service, but is not included in the $19 initial pricing.

Follow-Up Visits

Our pest control packages include a total of seven yearly visits (one initial and six ongoing visits). After one year, you will receive six bi-monthly treatments throughout the year.

We recommend not having the inside of your home treated on every visit, however, we do recommend having the interior treated twice a year.


Residential Services

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