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Cockroaches Can Cause Big Problems For Las Vegas Property Owners

German cockroaches may only be about half an inch long, but just because they’re small doesn’t mean they won’t cause serious issues when they get into your home or business. Roaches are known as being filthy creatures—and for a good reason! After spending much of their time in unsanitary areas, when they get into your house, they spread pathogens on the surfaces they walk over. To avoid contracting a dangerous illness due to a German roach infestation, contact the experts at Red Rock Pest Control.

Red Rock’s German Cockroach Control Process

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Here at Red Rock, our German cockroach control program includes an initial treatment and two follow-up services for $189. When you contact us for service, we’ll provide you with a preparation sheet that must be completed before your technician arrives for treatment.

Initial Cockroach Control Treatment

During the initial treatment, one of our professionals will treat the interior of your home with a product that does not immediately eliminate the roaches. Instead, it allows them to walk through it unknowingly, at which point they spread it to the other cockroaches in your house—resulting in complete German cockroach elimination. If necessary, we'll also employ other techniques, such as baiting, dusting, and placing sticky traps for monitoring.

 Follow-Up Cockroach Control Services

Our follow-up services take place two weeks after the initial treatment, then an additional two weeks after that. During these visits, we will inspect for cockroach activity and re-treat using the same process as we did during the initial visit, with the exception of baiting.


Red Rock’s German Cockroach Control Guarantee

To qualify for our German cockroach control guarantee, you must sign up for a monthly service. Please ask us for details!

100 percent satisfaction guaranteed


German Roach Control Frequently Asked Questions

How much does German cockroach control cost?

Our German cockroach control program costs $189 for all three service visits. Ongoing German cockroach control services are available from Red Rock Pest Control and start at $59/month.  

Where am I most likely to see German cockroaches in my home?

German cockroaches prefer areas that are dark, warm, and humid. They also like being near a food and water source so you will often find them in kitchens, under sinks or appliances, or in pantries and cabinets. You’ll also find them in bathrooms due to the high humidity these rooms provide.

Is it possible to get rid of German cockroaches and keep them from coming back?

It is quite easy for German roaches to get into your home. They can crawl in through your plumbing, find cracks in your foundation or walls, or, more likely, make their way inside by hiding in a bag or box that you’ve brought in from another location. Unless you are extremely vigilant and inspect all bags and boxes before bringing them inside, it’s always possible for them to return. If you find yourself with a recurring roach problem, your best solution is to sign up for Red Rock’s ongoing cockroach control program.

Are German roaches dangerous?

German cockroaches are more dangerous than they look. They spread many different types of bacteria and pathogens that can make you ill. Their shed skin is known to trigger allergy and asthma symptoms and attacks in some people. And although rare, roaches have been known to bite. These are pests that you do not want on your property.


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