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Many people enjoy the hobby of bird watching, but when birds get too close to your home or business, they can cause significant problems. Pigeons are an especially big problem in Las Vegas, nesting in attics, damaging structures, and presenting health risks. If pigeons are taking over your property, call the professionals at Red Rock Pest Control.

Red Rock’s Bird
Control Process

Whether problem birds are congregating around your building regularly or you have spotted them inside your home or business, it’s important to take action right away. When pigeons find a comfortable place to nest, they’ll make themselves at home and won’t be interested in leaving. That’s where Red Rock Pest Control’s bird control services come in!

Free Inspections

At Red Rock, we begin our bird control process with a free inspection to identify nesting and perching areas and to determine how they’re getting inside. During this review, we determine the extent of damage and verify the severity of the situation. Based on our findings from this inspection, we’ll provide you with a treatment plan and quote.

Bird Control Treatments

During treatment, we begin by removing all problem birds from the area. From there, we will seal all the openings where the birds are getting in and clean and sanitize the area to clean up droppings and erase all bird pheromones. This sanitization is an essential step in the bird control process because pigeons will return if the pheromones are still present. If necessary, Red Rock will install bird spikes and bird wire to prevent perching and install Solar Guards which is a product that seals solar panels without voiding their warranty.

Red Rock’s Pigeon Control

We offer a one-year pigeon control guarantee on our pest bird control services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can pigeons and other pest birds damage my solar panels?

If a few birds simply rest on your solar panels occasionally, they won’t damage them. However, if they decide to nest there, they will cause damage, and they must be removed.

Are your bird control services humane?

Our bird control services are humane. We remove the pigeons from your property, then provide services to deter them from returning.

What are bird spikes, and how do they work?

Bird spikes are long, needle-like wires that we may install in areas such as ledges, where birds often land to rest or nest. These are a humane way to deter birds from using your home or business as a nesting area.

Are pigeons dangerous?

While mostly considered a nuisance bird, there are some risks associated with pigeons. Their droppings can be hazardous to your health, transmitting diseases such as histoplasmosis and salmonella. Pigeons also introduce smaller pests, like mites and other parasites, into your environment.

What kind of damage do pigeons cause?

Pigeon droppings are highly acidic, which can damage your home or business, especially when they are present in high quantities. If a flock of pigeons has taken up residence in or around your home or building, the debris they create can clog gutters, causing water damage to your roof. Also, nesting materials can damage your structure or appliances.

Customer Reviews

Red Rock Pest Control has been a trusted company servicing my home for 10+ years. My house remains insect free year after year. The Technicians are honest, friendly, and trustworthy. The prices are very reasonable & a value for the protection guarantee. I highly recommend Red Rock Pest Control.

Sheldon Daynes


Red Rock Pest Control is a professional company with customer service that exceeds expectations. We have them set up on a bi monthly service. They are always consistent with high service levels and do a fantastic job every time. We had a bee issue, and called them between their visits. They were very accommodating in getting to our home ASAP and had the problem fixed right away. We highly recommend Red Rock Pest Control to anyone.



Informative, courteous, professional, and top notch quality service. Recommend to anyone looking for immediate and long term insect control. After 30 years of homeowner neglect, Red Rock Pest Control was able to wipe out the consistent infestation of ants and have kept them away without any flareup with their monthly service; incredible value!!! Thank you!

David Hartmann


We always appreciate a visit from our Red Rock technicians. It is comforting to have RED ROCK's services as part of our pest control team to help us tackle and manage the unwanted pests including scorpions that live in the southwest desert! They always come to our rescue, even if when are not scheduled for a visit! THAT is quality service!

Maria Angela


Adam rocks!!!! Best service from the phone call to the in home service love you guys..... you guys were prompt and explained in detail again on what to expect very caring and awesome personality thank you guys

Sofia C



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