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Have Ants Taken Over Your Las Vegas Home And Yard?

When the number of ants in your yard becomes so great that your kids can no longer play outside, you know you have a problem! Once these ants find their way inside, the problem will only grow. While some ants are simply a nuisance, others spread disease or dole out painful bites and stings. If you have an ant problem in your home or yard, contact the experts at Red Rock Pest Control. We treat for many types of ants, including Argentine, pavement, ghost, harvester, velvety tree, rover, and odorous house ants.

How Red Rock Pest Control Eliminates Ants In Las Vegas

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If ants are causing problems on your property, our ant control service is the perfect solution. This service is designed to effectively resolve your entire ant infestation.

Initial Ant Control Service

During our ant control process, we first provide you with a quote for this service over the phone. No prior inspection is necessary. During the initial service, we’ll identify and treat any infested areas on your property. This treatment does not kill them on contact. Instead, foraging ants pick it up on their feet and carry it back to their nest, eliminating the entire colony. A follow-up visit occurs two weeks after the initial treatment. We’ll inspect for any remaining ants and do hyper-local treatments to areas that still show signs of ant activity.

Ongoing Ant Control

If ants and other pests are an ongoing problem, Red Rock encourages our customers to enroll in one of our home pest control plans. Our General Pest Services Plan is a bi-monthly program that starts at $69/bi-monthly and covers common pest invaders such as ants*, crickets, spiders, earwigs, American cockroaches, and more. When you sign up for this plan, you qualify for our free re-service guarantee. If pests return, we re-treat for free.

*excludes carpenter ants


Red Rock's Ant Control Guarantee

If you sign up for bi-monthly pest control services with us, we offer a guarantee to take care of ants and other pests.

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Ant Control Frequently Asked Questions

How much do ant treatments cost?

The price of Red Rock Pest Control’s ant control services depends on several factors, including the size of your property and the severity of the infestation. If you choose an ongoing plan, pricing starts at $69/bi-monthly.

Are ants harmful?

Most ants are simply a nuisance, meaning they won’t harm you, but they are annoying when they get into your house and will contaminate your food. Some ants such as ghost ants and odorous house ants give off a foul odor when squashed. However, there are some ants that are harmful. Harvester ants and velvety tree ants both bite and harvester ants also deliver painful stings. These are especially dangerous to people with an allergy to ant bites or stings.

Can ants fly?

Most ants cannot fly. However, at certain times of the year, you may see winged ants flying around. These ants are swarmer ants, and their job is to find a mate and start reproducing. Once they find their mate, they lose their wings, which is why you don’t see ants flying more often.

Do ants bite?

Most ants do not bite or only bite when threatened. However, harvester ants and velvety tree ants are two species in our area that will bite if given the opportunity.


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