Why Do-It-Yourself Methods Fall Short With Bed Bugs In Las Vegas Homes 

In the last two decades, bed bugs have returned to the United States in force. As a somewhat new pest control threat, there is a lot that many residents in the Greater Las Vegas area don't know about these blood-eating pests. This can lead to an inappropriate response to a bed bug infestation. Today, we're focusing on DIY bed bug treatments, and discussing some of the issues you may experience if you attempt to get rid of these bugs on your own.

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Natural Bed Bugs Treatments

There is a current trend toward natural pest control solutions. We are on board with this trend. It is far better to deal with pest problems with smart, eco-friendly ideas. But natural solutions are difficult to implement because they require a clear understanding of why and how these natural solutions can be effective. Here are some examples:

Vinegar — This is a great desiccant. If you spray vinegar on most insects, they'll dry up and die. It can be used to kill eggs as well. The problem with this treatment option is two-fold. When used as a topical spray, it becomes ineffective as soon as it dries on a surface. If used to spray bed bugs directly, you'll be hard-pressed to get all of the bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs hide in wall voids and behind baseboards. They get inside furniture, and they tuck themselves under rugs. Vinegar just isn't the right tool for this job.

Diatomaceous earth — This powder can seem like a great solution, especially if you have pets or children. The food-grade form of diatomaceous earth is harmless to people and pets. But, in order to arrest a bed bug infestation in your home, you may have to apply this powder all over your home for as long as six months. This can be unsightly and irritating.

Mothballs — Scientific studies have been conducted to determine whether or not mothballs are effective at eliminating bed bug infestations. The results were somewhat good for the extermination of adult bed bugs. As many 60% died off. But the eggs and the nymphs had a high survival rate. When applied properly, this method can have some success, but it must be used in combination with other treatments.

Heat — Many people find out that heat is used by professionals to kill bed bugs so they purchase a bunch of portable heaters or turn an oven on and crank the temperature. Not only are these ideas completely ineffective, they're downright dangerous. Professional heat treatments are performed using state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled heating units and sensors. This makes them very expensive. Turning to DIY heat treatment solutions can be more costly, and entirely ineffective.

Chemical Bed Bug Treatments

There are many products that promise to eliminate bed bugs. While chemical pest control products can be successful, they usually aren't when they are applied by untrained individuals. And they can be detrimental to health. Here are some problems with DIY chemical treatments.

  • Bed bugs hide in wall voids and other places that are difficult to reach with topical products. Topicals don't get down into the places where the bugs are hiding. They have to come out and make contact with these products. If treatments are not applied correctly, bed bugs will avoid them.
  • Chemicals can be dangerous when the wrong products are used, and when they are applied to inappropriate areas, and dispersed in inappropriate amounts.
  • Bed bugs have the ability to develop a resistance to chemicals as they develop through their 5 instars, from immature nymphs to adults. The last thing you need is chemical-resistant bed bugs in your Las Vegas home.

A professional will select the right EPA approved insect control products and apply them in a way that works to successfully eliminate eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs.

Professional Bed Bug Treatments

If you have bed bugs in your home, contact Red Rock Pest Control for a free bed bug inspection. We'll let you know what you're up against and suggest targeted treatment options to fully eliminate all of the bed bugs in your home. Our team has the training, experience and professionalism to get this job done right the first time. Reach out to us today for assistance.


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