Why Are There Bed Bugs In My Las Vegas Home?

Bed bugs can seem mysterious, though they really aren't mysterious at all. These insects are fairly straightforward in the way they operate. If you're wondering why you have bed bugs in your Las Vegas home, the answer is quite simple. The bed bugs in your home were carried in by someone. They don't live outside. Bed bugs are indoor pests. Let's take a moment to talk about the "straightforward" way they move from place to place.

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Simple And Easy Bed Bug Behavior

If your cat is sleeping on the living room couch and you sprinkle a few cat treats on the floor of the kitchen, how long do you think it will take your cat to get up and come to the kitchen? Seconds, right? You don't have to wonder why. It is straightforward. Your cat loves treats. Bed bugs love human blood. Human blood is like kitty treats. While a bed bug can feed on many warm-blooded mammals, it has a preference for humans. But its love for blood has little to nothing to do with why you have bed bugs in your home. Plot twist! Unlike other pests, bed bugs don't infest your home because you offer a food resource they desire; they get into your home because of things that attract them. If you understand these other attractants, you can have more success keeping bed bugs out of your home.

Tight Spaces

Bed bugs are drawn to gaps, cracks, and compressed spaces. They like to be squeezed. This is one reason you will rarely find them crawling around where you can see them. But, more importantly, it is why they get into your stuff when you spend the night at a hotel, motel, or some other place—including the home of a friend or relative. When you place an object on a floor, chair, or couch, you have a chance of picking up bed bugs because they're drawn to gaps, cracks, and tight spaces. As an example, a bed bug will be right at home in a packed suitcase full of clothes and other items. They'll crawl around between and under the items.


When winged carpenter ants mate, they shed their wings. If this happens inside your home, these wings may be your only sign that you have an infestation. Carpenter ants mate quickly after leaving the nest. You'll find these wings near doors, windows, and light sources. If a swarm occurs on the outside of your home, you may find wings littered about, but the wind can blow these wings away, leaving no sign at all. Check spider webs on your property. These act like sticky traps for the shed wings of winged ants. 

Pro tip: If you spend the night somewhere, put your luggage on a luggage rack if one is provided. Refrain from putting open bags or luggage on beds, chairs, or couches. 


Bed bugs hide in utter darkness. They don't like the light. This is another reason you will rarely find them crawling around where you can see them. And, as you can probably guess, it is another reason why you can get an infestation of bed bugs in your home. Bed bugs hide in many dark places that are portable. They may hide in a box spring, chair, or couch. They may hide in a computer, radio, or piano. If an object has a void inside, bed bugs could hide in it. If you put something down and bed bugs get into it during the night, they'll stay there once the light shines into the room. This will keep them out of sight as you pick that item up and bring it home.
Pro tip: If you spend the night somewhere, use a flashlight to do a detailed check of your things. If you purchase used furniture, be sure to check the items thoroughly for signs of bed bug activity.  

The Scent Of Humans

Bed bugs love the way you smell. When you wear clothing, your scent gets on your clothing. This makes laundry items an attractant for bed bugs. They'll go to great lengths to get to anything that smells like you. If you put laundry in a duffel bag and leave it on the floor of your hotel, don't be surprised when you find bed bugs in that bag. As they search for the scent, they'll be happy to take advantage of every tight space to squeeze into your bag. Once inside, they'll be happy to stay in the darkness and allow you to bring them home.

Pro tip: Keep your laundry in a sealed plastic bag, such as a garbage bag sealed with a bread tie. When you get home, wash all of your clothes in hot water and run them through a dryer cycle that is at least thirty minutes long.

Do you have more questions?

We hope we've answered the question of why you have bed bugs in your Vegas home. If you ever need assistance with exterminating bed bugs that have gotten in, remember that Red Rock Pest Control is available to assist you with all of your pest control needs. Contact us today. We can help.  


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