What To Do If You Are Seeing Carpenter Ants Around Your Vegas Property

The worst of all Las Vegas ant pests is the carpenter ant. These ants don't just get into your home and invade your pantry; they can also damage the wood of your home. While carpenter ants prefer to nest in decaying wood, they're known to get into hardwood trees and damage hardwood inside homes. When you see signs of a carpenter ant infestation, you should immediately contact Red Rock Pest Control for a professional inspection. If left untreated, carpenter ants can do a considerable amount of damage over time. Let's take a look at a few ways you can detect the presence of these ants.


carpenter ant in home

Carpenter Ant Identification

The most obvious sign that you have a carpenter ant infestation is the appearance of a carpenter ant. If you step into your garage and see a big black or black and red ant on the door frame, you're probably looking at a carpenter ant. Door frames are common trouble spots because they are vulnerable to moisture damage. When fungus begins to rot the wood, carpenter ants move in. If you notice a large ant crawling around on your deck, this is also likely to be a carpenter ant. Decks are often the first structure carpenter ants target. Look for these visual characteristics:

A carpenter ant worker will be between ½ and ⅝ inches long.

A carpenter ant will be black or red and black, depending on the species.

A carpenter ant has one node between the thorax and abdomen.

If you see several ants, keep in mind that carpenter ant workers vary in size.

Winged Carpenter Ants

When a carpenter ant nest matures, it begins to produce winged ants. These winged carpenter ants are twice as big as the workers. Some can be around an inch long. If winged carpenter ants emerge from their tunnels inside your home, they'll head toward your windows and glass doors. This is because they're attracted to light. When you see them on your windows, don't think for a second that they came in from the outside. You have an infestation.


When winged carpenter ants mate, they shed their wings. If this happens inside your home, these wings may be your only sign that you have an infestation. Carpenter ants mate quickly after leaving the nest. You'll find these wings near doors, windows, and light sources. If a swarm occurs on the outside of your home, you may find wings littered about, but the wind can blow these wings away, leaving no sign at all. Check spider webs on your property. These act like sticky traps for the shed wings of winged ants. 


It is possible to see dozens and even hundreds of carpenter ants swarming around on the outside of your home. If you see this, it is a warning sign that you have a nest on your property. These swarms don't travel far. The goal of a swarm is to facilitate the mating process. Those ants are not interested in doing any traveling.


Carpenter ants don't eat wood. They shave it and push the shavings out of tiny kickout holes. This material is called frass because it also contains ant droppings and insect parts. If you have an infestation, you may find frass coming out of gaps and cracks in your home. Look in dark, humid locations for this material.

Wood Damage

There are many ways carpenter ant damage can be visible. If you inspect your home and find any changes to the wood, it bears closer examination. Some spots to check first are:

  • Fence posts, deck boards, shed siding

  • Door and window frames

  • Sole plates

  • The wood in the cabinet under your kitchen sink

  • Baseboards in laundry rooms

  • Wood in boiler rooms, basements, and cellars

  • Any wood that is damaged by water

The Next Step

If you find evidence of carpenter ant activity or carpenter ant damage, the next step is to schedule a free pest control inspection. This inspection will give you the information you need to make a sound decision on what will work to arrest the damage being caused by carpenter ants. You can request a free inspection on our contact us page. You can access this page at the top right of this page. Don't let carpenter ants destroy your property, get assistance today.


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