What Las Vegas Property Owners Ought To Know About Diamondback Snakes

In our Las Vegas service area, we have several types of snakes that come into our yards. You're probably familiar with them. They are the Mojave Desert sidewinder, night stalker, corn snake, and a few species of rattlesnake. Diamondbacks are rattlesnakes and, of the four rattlesnakes in our area, diamondbacks are the least common. But a rattlesnake is a rattlesnake. It doesn't matter if it is a Mojave rattlesnake, speckled rattlesnake, Great Basin rattlesnake, or a Western diamondback. They are all venomous snakes that can present a threat to you and your family when they enter your yard.


Characteristics Of A Western Diamondback

  • This snake has dark-colored diamond shapes that run down the length of its body.

  • The diamond marks on the diamondback are light brown in the center and brown around the edges. Its skin is tan.

  • These are the largest of the four rattlesnakes in Nevada. On average, a diamondback will be between three and six feet long.

  • It has a broad, triangular-shaped head.

  • You can see these snakes in the daytime or at night. There are several factors that can make a diamondback prefer to be nocturnal, but don't count on all of these snakes being nocturnal, especially juveniles, which tend to be more diurnal.

A Rattlesnake's Bite

The bite of a rattlesnake is painful, but it isn't always dangerous. Some bites are considered to be "dry." This is to say that no venom is injected into the wound. But it is still important to have a medical physician tend to the wound.

Baby Rattlesnakes

A rattlesnake does not hatch from an egg. It is born alive. At first, the rattle of its tail cannot be heard, so one of these little guys can sneak up on you. When it does, it can deliver a venomous bite. Baby rattlesnakes do not have the ability to control how much venom they put into a wound. This can lead to medically important wounds and a trip to the hospital. If you see a small snake in your yard with a rattle on the tip of its tail, move away from it and contact Red Rock Pest Control for immediate assistance.

Adult Rattlesnakes Don't Always Rattle

It is important to be aware that these snakes can be silent, even if they have the ability to rattle. Don't count on hearing a rattlesnake before it lunges at you.

Why Diamondbacks Come Into Your Yard

  • Snakes are always looking for hiding places. If you have objects in your yard that snakes can hide under, you could have issues. These snakes have a preference for organic debris, such as leaf litter, wood piles, and grass trimmings.

  • Snakes look for shaded locations when they start to overheat. Landscaping can look inviting because it provides shade and moisture. Trim bushes, remove unnecessary vegetation, and create space between plants to make these snakes feel more exposed.

  • Snakes prefer yards that have tall grass. Keep your lawn trimmed if you want any chance of keeping snakes away.

  • Do you have rodent issues? This can lead to snake issues. Rodents are a sought after food source for snakes.

  • Do you have bird feeders? If you do, they can draw mice into your yard—and, ultimately, more snakes.

  • Rock walls can lure snakes in because they like to slither through the gaps and cracks.

  • Water sources can attract snakes. It is a good idea to remove containers and alter conditions that lead to puddles of standing water.

More Helpful Prevention Tips For Diamondbacks

  • Along with the tips presented above, it is important to make sure diamondbacks can't get underneath the structures on your property. If you have open voids, consider installing fencing to keep snakes from getting underneath.

  • If you have a shed, keep the door closed. These snakes can easily slither in when you're not looking. An open shed looks like an open cave, which is very inviting to a snake.

  • Examine your foundation wall and seal any gaps or cracks you find. Snakes get into tight spaces, and they have a preference for materials that feel like rock.

How To Protect Yourself From Diamondbacks

Contact Red Rock Pest Control for ongoing residential pest control. When you have ongoing service for your yard, you get routine inspections that help with the detection of dangerous pests before they become a threat to you or your family. Reach out to us today for assistance.


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