The Ultimate Termite-Prevention Guide For Las Vegas Property Owners

When it comes to termite threats, subterranean termites are the big boys on the block. In the United States, these termites cost property owners billions of dollars in repairs each year. The cost of damage caused by all other termites is in the hundreds of millions. Why is it important to understand this? Because the reason subterranean termites are able to do so much damage is linked to their ability to avoid detection. For example, drywood termites create tiny kickout holes and push their droppings out of these holes. If you see hard pellets on your window sills and holes starting to appear in your window frames, you're probably going to do something about it. Subterranean termites don't give you such an obvious sign. You'll have to do some work to uncover subterranean termite activity. Here's the one-two-three of subterranean termite prevention.


termite infested wood

1. Termite Inspections

If you want to protect your home on your own, you need to be acutely aware of the warning signs termites might give you. You'll also need to roll your sleeves up and do some hard work because the signs are difficult to find.

  • If you have any dead trees, stumps, logs, or trees that have heart rot, you may find termite activity in these. Chop a piece off and see if you can get a look inside.

  • If you have mulch around your home, dig in a few areas and take a look between the mulch and the soil. You may just find worker termites, soldier termites, or winged termites.

  • If you have boards lying on the ground in your yard (which we would strongly discourage) you may find termite workers underneath. Or you may find termite damage on the bottom of the boards.

  • If you have a fence with wooden posts that go into the ground, you may be able to dig around these posts and find termite damage. This damage will look like carved trenches.

  • If you have a deck, stairs, porch or some other structure attached to your home, crawl underneath it with a flashlight (if you can) and do an inspection of your foundation walls. Look for the presence of mud tubes going from the soil to the wood.

2. Termite Attractants

At the core of termite prevention is a reduction of termite attractants. We mentioned one above. If you have any sources of wood in your yard, it is best to remove the wood. The last thing you want to do is attract termites to your yard with an easily accessible food source. Here are a few more attractants you should consider addressing:

Wood-to-soil contact. The last thing you want is a direct entry point into your home. If there are any points where the wood of your home touches the soil, consider altering the conditions that allow this.

Entry points. While the subterranean termites in our area do not live inside homes, it is still important to address entry points. An entry point can give worker termites a shorter distance to the soil, and the ability to get into the wood of your home by way of your foundation wall or some low-lying crack, gap, or hole.

Moisture. Subterranean termites need moisture to survive. They will be attracted to your foundation perimeter if it stays moist. You can keep things dry by watering your plants in the morning, maintaining space between your plants, trimming shrubs, and keeping your gutters in good working condition.

3. Proactive Termite Control

If you don't want to have to think about termite protection, or you want the best protection possible, termite treatments are the way to go. At Red Rock Pest Control, we use Termidor® liquid treatments to ensure the protection of Las Vegas homes and businesses. This product will create a barrier around your home that does a few important things:

  • Your termite barrier will be active all day, every day.

  • When termites pass through the product, they don't detect it.

  • After passing through the product, the termites spread it to each other.

  • This product works its way through the entire colony and eliminates it.

  • No more colony; no more threat.

If you have questions, or you'd like to begin protecting your home from subterranean termites, reach out to us today. The termite control experts here at Red Rock Pest Control are standing by to assist you.


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