The Truth About The Carpenter Bees In Las Vegas

Are you familiar with the wood-destroying pest known as the carpenter bee? Don't let the name fool you. These bees aren't going to fix anything around your home. They're called carpenter bees because of the sawdust they produce as they bore holes and tunnel into wood. If they decide to create tunnels in the wood of your property, it could lead to frustrating repair costs. Does this surprise you? It might if you've been told that carpenter bees only make small tunnels that are about seven inches long. You may also have little fear of these bees hanging out around your home if you've been told that male carpenter bees can't sting you and that female carpenter bees rarely sting. Today, we're going to clarify a few facts so that you can understand the real threat carpenter bees can present to your home and to your family.

carpet bee in wood

Do carpenter bees only create seven-inch tunnels?

An individual bee is only going to make a tunnel that is about seven inches long. This may lead you to think that they don't do much damage. The problem is that carpenter bees use old tunnels and make them longer. Over time, these tunnels can become extensive and intertwined, leading to a loss of structural integrity in the wood. You should also consider that there are other wood-damaging pests that eat the larvae of carpenter bees. If you see a woodpecker pecking on your home, it could be trying to get carpenter bee larvae. This adds to the damage. Most of all, you can have a lot more than one carpenter bee tunneling into the wood on your property. And in this case, the more is not the merrier.

Do carpenter bees target untreated and unpainted wood?

This is another common fact that is misunderstood about carpenter bees. Yes, they have a preference for untreated and unpainted wood. You're not going to have a lot of trouble with these bees tunneling into pressure-treated wood or wood that has a coat of paint on it. But these bees seem to find a way around this. They can get into your home and target untreated wood on the inside of your home. They can also tunnel into wood through ends that are unpainted. So don't be surprised when you find these bees inside your painted deck.

Do male carpenter bees sting?

No. They don't. They can't sting you, and females don't prefer to sting. But we're here to tell you that a female carpenter bee can sting you, and if she does, it will hurt like crazy. If you crawl under your deck to treat some carpenter bee holes, and you come face to face with a few dozen angry momma bees, you're likely to get stung. You can also get stung if you accidentally sit on a female carpenter bee clinging to a piece of deck furniture.

Can I treat carpenter bees myself?

It might seem like a simple task. All you have to do is spray something up into those holes, right? Sadly, this is more difficult than it might seem. Carpenter bees bore into wood a short distance and then make a ninety-degree turn to follow the wood. This little turn makes it hard to get insecticides all the way to the momma bee. If you don't kill her, she will do more damage to your home trying to get away from the chemicals you've sprayed.

Can I just seal the holes?

This is another mistake property owners make. Sealing a female bee inside her tunnel will lead to more damage. She will do more damage as she attempts to find another way out.

How do professionals deal with carpenter bees?

Effective carpenter bee control begins with a detailed inspection by a licensed and experienced pest management professional. The pest professional will location all areas of infestation and develop a plan to address the holes or entry points using EPA approved products. Once the products have done their job and no active bees are observed, the holes can be sealed and painted over.

Las Vegas Carpenter Bee Control

If you need assistance with carpenter bee control in Las Vegas, remember that the expertly-trained pest professionals at Red Rock Pest Control are always available to help with same-day service. Contact us today and request a free inspection to get started.

What factors attract ants to Las Vegas homes?

Las Vegas is known for its dry, consistently warm weather, which is the perfect environment for ants to thrive. But that doesn't mean you have to let ants survive and multiply on your property or inside your Vegas home.

How do you keep ants out of your house?

  • Remove food sources from your property. If you have fallen fruits or vegetables, leftover barbecue foods, or pet food left outside, ants will be attracted to your property.

  • Remove water sources from your property. In a dry climate like that of Nevada, any creatures will be attracted to water sources and ants are no exception.

  • Seal up gaps and cracks in your foundation and outer walls.

  • Make sure you have effective door sweeps and window and door screens.

Does salt kill ants?

Yes and no. Spraying salt water on ants will kill some ants, but it will not get all of the ants in a colony. Any kind of ant spray will only kill around 10% of the ants in a colony while the rest of them stay hidden. If all ants are not eliminated, especially the queens, you will end up in a never-ending battle with ants.

How do I permanently get rid of ants in my house?

If you are tired of dealing with pesky, disease-spreading, stinky, or stinging ants inside or near your Las Vegas home, reach out to Red Rock Pest Control. Ants that get into Vegas homes do not have to stay in Vegas homes. Let us help!


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