How Dangerous Is It To Have Cockroaches In My Las Vegas Home?

Cockroaches in the Las Vegas area that can get in and become pests are common pest species in the United States. They are the American cockroach, German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, and brown-banded cockroach. While each of these roach species is slightly different in terms of habitat preferences, they all have an unsavory attraction to decaying organic matter and feces. This makes them very dangerous when they get into Las Vegas homes.

cockroach on kitchen counter

Cockroach Habitats

You would not be surprised to open up the lid of a dumpster and see a cockroach clinging to it. You know that cockroaches climb around in dumpsters. But, what you might not know is why they do this. Well, the foods we eat aren't ideal for cockroaches. They prefer something a little more ripe. In fact, they prefer food to be downright rotten. Not only do they feed on decomposing foods, but they lay their eggs in it. Cockroaches love to skitter down into the bottom of a dumpster and find rotting juices or gelatinous organic sludge.

You probably wouldn't be surprised to find cockroaches crawling around in a sewer. It isn't only because they don't mind the smell. Cockroaches actually eat feces. This exposes them to organisms that can make us extremely sick.
You would expect to see many bugs on a dead animal in the woods. Cockroaches are no exception. They'll feed on decomposing carcasses. When they do, they come in contact with parasitic worms, microscopic organisms, and other critters.

Cockroach Habits

There are some behavior patterns that can expose cockroaches to harmful bacteria and other organisms, such as their preference for being squished into tight spaces. A cockroach is happiest when it can feel a hard surface on its belly and its back at the same time. This brings it into tight spaces within your kitchen. The side of your oven is a good example. If your oven is like most, there is grease, grime, and other organic matter stuck to the side. Cockroaches squeeze in there and feed. When they do, it only takes them a second to move to a sensitive location, like your cutting board or dishes. 

Disease Threat

Studies have conclusively shown that cockroaches have an uncanny ability to spread illness. They are linked to the transmission of more than 33 bacterial illnesses. They can spread at least 7 human pathogens. And there are at least 6 parasitic worms that have been found on the exoskeletons of cockroaches captured in urban environments. 

Bite Threat

While cockroaches aren't predisposed to bite humans, they can and do bite people. They often begin to bite when food resources diminish. But, unlike other biting pests, they tend to bite by accident. This happens as they are attempting to eat dead skin cells from eyebrows and eyelashes. The resulting bite is likely to become red and swollen due to contaminants on the cockroach.

Allergy Threat

  • If you have a sensitive immune system, cockroaches could make your life miserable. They are known to aggravate allergy symptoms. This can lead to inflamed eyes, inflamed ears, itchy skin, stuffy noses, and more.

  • In 1943, it was reported that skin rashes developed on some patients when cockroaches crawled across the skin. If you have this allergic reaction, you can wake up with cockroach-related rashes.

  • In a recent study by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) researchers found that hospitalizations due to asthma symptoms increased in homes that had cockroach infestations.


What do you think? Are cockroaches dangerous to have in your Las Vegas home? It may not seem like it, but we've only scratched the surface of the ways cockroaches can be harmful. We didn't discuss the emotional trauma some people have when they have cockroaches. We didn't talk about how cockroaches are drawn to toothpaste and will perch on toothbrush bristles, or how they drink saliva from the mouths of sleeping people. The bottom line is that cockroaches should be dealt with quickly and appropriately. You should never allow these insects to live with you. If you find cockroaches in your Las Vegas home, contact Red Rock Pest Control for service. Our licensed pest professionals use industry-leading methods and products to eliminate cockroaches. We're here to answer any questions you have or to help you set up a time for service. Connect with us today.


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