How Bed Bug Infestations Start In Las Vegas Homes

One of the most mysterious pests we deal with in our Las Vegas service area is the bed bug. This is probably because bed bugs disappeared from America for about 50 years. At the end of the 20th Century, bed bugs were nowhere to be found. But the turn of the century marked the return of bed bugs to the United States, and they have made an incredible comeback. So, it isn't surprising if you don't know much about bed bugs. Hopefully, we'll help you answer some of your questions today. Here are the most common questions we get about bed bugs. The answers provided by our on-staff pest control experts should give you some much-needed insight into these mysterious bugs.

What attracts bed bugs to your home?

Nothing. There is nothing about your home that will attract bed bugs to it. Bed bugs don't live outside. They are indoor pests, meaning all homes attractive to these parasitic pests. There is nothing you can alter that will make your home less attractive to these insects. If you find bed bugs in your home, you can know for sure that they did not come in from your yard. They hitchhiked into your home on your clothing, luggage, personal belongings, furniture, or even guests visiting your home. That leads us to our next question.

What causes you to get bed bugs?

Bed bugs spread passively. As they crawl around in an area of infestation, they climb into objects that are transportable, such as luggage, pocketbooks, book bags, duffle bags, clothing, etc. They are particularly drawn to get into clothing that has been worn. This is because they can smell the scent of human chemicals on the fabrics. When you go anywhere to spend the night, it is a good idea to put your clothing in a sealed plastic bag when you remove them from your body.

Bed bugs also lay eggs in transportable items. These eggs do not need the mother in order to hatch. If eggs are brought into your home, they can hatch rapidly and your infestation can grow far more quickly than when a few bed bugs get into your home.

How do bed bug infestations start in your home?

No matter where bed bugs are, they are doing the same thing they always do. Newly hatched nymphs emerge from eggs. They mate with each other. The females lay 1 to 5 eggs a day. And the population of bed bugs grows. All of this can begin with a single female bed bug or a batch of eggs.

Are bed bugs bad in Las Vegas?

Infestations are rising quickly in the Greater Las Vegas area because people carry bed bugs in from all over the world. When bed bugs are introduced into local hotels, motels, resorts, and other accommodations, residents become exposed. Local guests can pick them up and bring them home and employees of these businesses carry them home too.

Where do bed bugs hide?

Bed bugs are drawn to creases, cracks, holes, seams, and pockets. They do not like to be out in the open and they prefer spaces that make them feel safe from predators. They'll hide in any item that provides protection. If an item is transportable, they can move from one area of infestation to a new area to infest. This can be in a carriable item or it can be in a piece of furniture or an electronic device. Be careful when purchasing or acquiring used items.

Are bed bugs invisible to the naked eye?

No. You can see bed bugs. Even when they first emerge from their eggs, they are big enough to see. Though at 1 mm in length, they're pretty small.

How do I prevent a bed bug infestation?

  • Learn how to identify bed bugs and the warning signs they leave around. The sooner you see bed bugs, the better!

  • Teach your kids, family, and friends about how they can detect bed bugs and the warning signs bed bugs leave around.

  • Do routine inspections of the beds in your home and the areas around the beds.

  • Always do a quick check when you spend the night somewhere.

What should I do about bed bugs?

When you see bed bugs or the warning signs of bed bugs in your Las Vegas home, get help from a licensed professional. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of. For the highest level of professional bed bug protection, contact Red Rock Pest Control. Our team is one of the best in the business. We can help you get those bugs the first time.

For more information on our effective bed bug control treatments or to get your bed bug control plan in place, reach out to us today for same-day service! 


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