How Much Do You Know About Turkestan Cockroaches In Las Vegas?

Do you call them rusty reds, red runners, or simply lats? In any case, these terrible pest invaders are one and the same! Turkestan cockroaches are a species of insect originating in the Middle East. These creatures are not known for being aggressive household invaders, although finding a colony that has moved to an indoor area is not unheard of. Foraging and other colony tasks may lead them to...

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Las Vegas Property Owners' Complete Guide To Dangerous Spiders

Living in Las Vegas is a constant balancing act between loving the area and getting annoyed with the tourists. Unfortunately, the tourists aren’t the only year-round nuisances around our Las Vegas homes and businesses. There are plenty of spiders to go around as well. If you see a spider on your property, should you be worried?...

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Are Bed Bugs In My Las Vegas Home Dangerous?

By virtue of their name, there is no such thing as a “good” pest. However, some pests like bed bugs can make things seem much worse for people in their Las Vegas homes. Bed bugs are small, flat, and round in appearance. They’re as small as an apple seed, which makes detection difficult. Most importantly, they desire your blood since it’s their food source....

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