Expert Advice About Snake Control For Your Las Vegas Home

In Las Vegas, there are a lot of different kinds of snakes, including water moccasins, copperheads, corn snakes, night stalkers, and several species of rattlesnake. Corn snakes and night stalkers aren’t venomous, but unless you know how to tell one snake from another, it’s hard to know when a particular snake is dangerous and when it is not....

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Is This Spider in My Las Vegas Home Dangerous?

Las Vegas is notoriously warm. In fact, temperatures reach into the 90s almost every day from June to September, and sometimes into triple digits. This means you see a lot more bugs in Las Vegas for longer periods than you do in colder states. Spiders are among the bugs you’ll see. There are a lot of different spiders to be found in Las Vegas, including the wolf spider, the desert brown r...

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How Much Do You Really Know About Rhe Sun Spiders Around Las Vegas?

The sun spider is an interesting creature. It is an arachnid that goes by several different names, including wind scorpion and camel spider. Despite the names attached to the wind scorpion, the insect isn’t a scorpion or a spider. Wind scorpions are hairy and have a round abdomen that gives them a spider-like appearance. The front appendages are similar to those of scorpion. These creatur...

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