Vegas's German Cockroaches Are Very Hard To Get Rid Of On Your Own

Have you seen small, tan cockroaches inside your Las Vegas home? That wouldn't be surprising as they are common pests in our area. They're also common everywhere else on the planet. Those small, tan cockroaches are called German cockroaches, and they are the most widely distributed cockroach in the world. They can live in the hottest temperatures near the equator or in the bitter cold of Northe...

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All About The Dangerous Snakes In Las Vegas

In our Las Vegas service area, there are a few snakes to be concerned about. This is because we are in the Mojave desert and snakes love the desert. Here are a few common desert snakes you could find in your Las Vegas yard, along with some tips to prevent an unwanted encounter....

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Avoiding Termites In Las Vegas

Termites are a problem in every U.S. state except Alaska. Despite that, there are certain conditions that make them more active in some states than in others. Here in Nevada, and more specifically in Las Vegas, our hot summers and mild winters are ideal conditions for termites to thrive year-round. If you want to avoid having termites take up residence in your Las Vegas home, you must take acti...

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Dangerous Spiders Found In Las Vegas

There are over 35,000 spider species in the world, with over 3,000 residing in North America—most of which are harmless. However, two species are known to be venomous and present a threat to humans, and unfortunately, both live in Las Vegas....

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Residents Guide To The Roof Rat In Las Vegas

When you think of rats, you probably think of large gray rodents with long tails. However, the most common rats in our area are often confused with mice because of their small size. Roof rats, sometimes called black rats—even though they’re usually brown, are the most common species in Las Vegas. They are much smaller than Norway rats, typically growing to about six inches long, wit...

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3 Reasons To Consider Red Rock Pest Control In Las Vegas

Here in Las Vegas, pests are a part of life. Spiders, scorpions, snakes, and rodents are all common pests that try to invade our homes or make themselves dangerous nuisances in our yards. When these pests invade, it can be hard to know where to turn. Without the knowledge, skill, or equipment necessary, trying to eliminate pests yourself can be dangerous and unsuccessful. Instead, you need a pr...

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