Everything You Need To Know About Carpenter Bees In Las Vegas

Trying to remove stinging insect infestations on your own is stressful and scary. This is when you’re most likely to be stung as the bees will feel the need to defend themselves. So, if you have noticed signs of carpenter bees around your property, the safest way to remove them and keep them from causing damage is to get help from the pest control professionals at Red Rock Pest Control....

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All The Problems Bed Bugs Bring To Your Las Vegas Home

If you’ve noticed any signs of bed bugs including their bites or seeing rusty spots on bed sheets, it’s important to act quickly. Bed bugs are difficult to remove because of their ability to hide in so many small spaces, so the best and most effective way to get rid of them is through professional help from Red Rock Pest Control....

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Answering Las Vegas's Most Commonly Asked Mouse Questions

Mice can cause many problems around your Las Vegas home, so it’s not worth it to let the problem go untreated. However, since mice are particularly hard pests to prevent and control, trying to remove them on your own rarely works. The most effective way to handle rodent infestations is to work with the experts at Red Rock Pest Control....

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What Everyone In Las Vegas Ought To Know About Wind Scorpions

While these arachnids aren’t going to hurt you or your pets, they are still unsightly and rather creepy. Finding them on your property will never be a good experience, so you can avoid them by taking some preventive steps to keep them out of your yard and home. If you’re looking for help with preventing or removing wind scorpions, contact the experts at Red Rock Pest Control...

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Are Corn Snakes In Las Vegas Dangerous?

The corn snake is one of the most common snakes around Las Vegas, and luckily, they are also one of the more harmless species. These snakes are even kept as pets in some cases, but this doesn’t mean they are completely non-threatening....

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