A Step-By-Step Termite-Prevention Guide For Las Vegas Property Owners

The warm weather never really goes away in Las Vegas, does it? But many pests tend to come up in search of new habitats in the spring, pests such as termites. After the not-so-cold winter season, termites send scouts out in search of other places to call home. Your Las Vegas abode could be their next target. Once they get in, termites will start chewing away at the foundations of your home, oft...

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8 No-Sweat Scorpion Prevention Tips For Las Vegas Properties

You know them well: those tiny guests who haunt both your waking life and your nightmares. Las Vegas is famous as a resort city, not only for people but for scorpions. If you are a Las Vegas resident, you are no stranger to these arachnids that have now developed into roughly 1,200 species worldwide. ...

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How To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Las Vegas Home

If you don’t have a dirty home, you can’t get bed bugs, right? Wrong. Many Las Vegas residents mistakenly believe that bed bugs only appear in dirty or unkempt homes, and not on clean residential properties. However, nothing could be further from the truth. ...

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The Trick To Keeping Pest Birds Away From Your Las Vegas Property

Common pest birds in the Las Vegas area, including pigeons, house finches, and seagulls, are perhaps some of the greatest disturbances in our urban settings. Most people pay little or no attention to these creatures, while others feed or encourage their nesting nearby. Unfortunately, pest birds of any species spell bad luck for you and your property, no matt...

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How Much Do You Really Know About American Cockroaches In Las Vegas?

If you had to make a guess, about how many cockroach species are in the world, you might underestimate the answer. There are, in fact, around 4,500 different species of cockroaches worldwide. While this is a rather creepy and disturbing number, there are, fortunately, only a handful that you’re likely to find in your home....

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