What Everyone In Las Vegas Needs To Know About Brown Bark Scorpions

Brown bark scorpions are venomous and can inflict painful stings if they feel threatened. These venomous stings are typically more painful than harmful, they can cause dangerous allergic reactions in people with immune deficiencies, children, and the elderly. Stings in at-risk people should warrant immediate medical attention....

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Las Vegas's Guide To Termite Awareness Week

Termites can inflict a lot of damage to a home before the homeowner is even aware there is a problem. To make matters worse, termites don’t sleep and chew wood constantly. That means, if not dealt with promptly, termites can destroy or damage any wood within a property....

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How Much Do You Know About Turkestan Cockroaches In Las Vegas?

Do you call them rusty reds, red runners, or simply lats? In any case, these terrible pest invaders are one and the same! Turkestan cockroaches are a species of insect originating in the Middle East. These creatures are not known for being aggressive household invaders, although finding a colony that has moved to an indoor area is not unheard of. Foraging and other colony tasks may lead them to...

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Here's Why You Should Have Year-Round Pest Control For Your Las Vegas Home  

Thanks to our consistently warm climate and relatively mild winters, pest species never need to disappear from the above-ground world. Frequency of pest activity is largely considered normal by Las Vegas residents, and is usually treated with an air of dismissal or an ‘I’ll do it myself’ attitude. However, this may not be the best (or safest) course of action....

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