Why Pigeon Exclusion Services Are A Must For Your Las Vegas Business


two pigeons flapping their wings on a sidewalk in las vegas nevada

Birds are a common sight no matter where you live, but they can also be a common problem. Although people don’t always think of birds as nuisance pests, they can definitely fit into that category. In Las Vegas, your home or business can be negatively affected by pigeon presence. We’ll take a look at why pigeons are considered pests, what you can do to prevent them from causing problems, and who to call if you need help.

What You Should Know About Pigeon Behavior

Pigeons are grey or black birds that thrive in cities. They often come in flocks, meaning if you have one pigeon hanging around your business, you’ll probably have more soon. They roost on outcroppings of buildings, on air-conditioning units, in windows, near vents, and on roofs. Pigeons tend to roost near sources of food. If you have many pigeons near your building, there’s a good chance they’re finding food nearby.

Are Pigeons Bad For Business?

Pigeons poop. A lot. Not only is a business that is covered in bird droppings unappealing to clients, but it’s also dangerous. Pigeon waste can be slippery, causing liability issues. Along with this, an abundance of pigeons might leave a bad smell surrounding your business, and droppings and feathers can lead to the spread of disease. If your business is overrun by pigeons, your employees and clients could become sick.

As if this isn’t enough, pigeon poop can also erode surfaces of your building. Their constant roosting may damage the building as well. Pigeons are also loud; they make cooing sounds and may squawk at each other. They can distract from business and can cause damage by flying around warehouses or getting in the way of employees.

Why Choose Red Rock Pest Control?

Luckily, there are some things you can do about pigeons. Though it may seem like pigeons can survive anywhere and are impossible to get rid of, we at Red Rock Pest Control have some tricks up our sleeves. Cover your vents with screens, get rid of birdbaths or fountains that may be attracting birds, and make sure that no one on or near your property is feeding the pigeons. Not only will feeding the pigeons keep them around your property (and attract more), but in Las Vegas you could also be fined up to $1,000 for feeding pigeons.

Once you’ve made sure that you aren’t directly attracting pigeons, it’s time to reach out for a professional opinion. Red Rock Pest Control offers pigeon control options in Las Vegas. We do so through a variety of unique strategies, hand-chosen to fit the needs of your building. We may install long-term deterrents to keep them from roosting and nesting on your building. We may also inspect for attracting factors and help you find ways to eliminate them. Finally, we’ll finish by power-washing your sidewalks and other areas to remove pigeon waste, so that your building can be back in business in no time.


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