What Las Vegas Property Owners Need To Know About Cockroach Dangers


a german cockroach crawling in a kitchen

Whether you own a home or business in Las Vegas, you may find yourself struggling with a cockroach infestation. The infestation is more than an inconvenience, it could put you and all of your visitors or customers in danger. To prepare yourself for their presence, learn about the risks of cockroaches and how to prevent these insects.

Cockroaches In Las Vegas

Although there are several types of cockroaches in Las Vegas, the German cockroach is one of the most common. This roach often invades homes and brings a long list of problems with it. German roaches are brown and have two noticeable streaks on their heads. Typically, it measures about 1/2 inch long.

Another common offender is the American cockroach. This type of roach is reddish-brown and has a figure eight on its head. As the largest cockroach in the United States, this insect can grow to be over two inches long. You might also come across Oriental cockroaches, but they are less common. Usually, they are black in color. If you’re not sure what type of roach is in your home, you should call a pest control expert to find out who has invaded your home.

The Dangers Of Vegas Roaches

No cockroach is a good cockroach. Cockroaches have barbs on their legs, and those barbs trap bacteria and pathogens. When they wander around alleyways and dumpsters, they can collect serious diseases. A problem arises when the pest comes into your home or business and spreads its bacteria and pathogens. It could contaminate your counters, food, and various surfaces. If you know that cockroaches have been in contact with your food, it is necessary to discard all of the food items.

Not all cockroaches carry diseases. However, they all have the potential to trigger allergies and asthma, and their shed skins and feces can trigger reactions in certain individuals. Businesses and homeowners alike can suffer from a cockroach infestation. In addition to spreading diseases, cockroaches make your property seem dirty and neglected. To make a good impression and keep everyone safe, you should do your best to keep these critters out.

Cockroach Prevention 101

There are ways to help prevent cockroach infestation. Doing all of the following can help deter their entry:

  • Reduce Moisture: Cockroaches need moisture to survive. High humidity levels and broken pipes both contribute to moisture levels. If you want to keep cockroaches away, you should repair leaks and other plumbing issues and use dehumidifiers in certain rooms of your home that tend to have high moisture levels, such as the basement and bathrooms.

  • Eliminate Food Sources: One of the main reasons cockroaches come indoors is to find food. If you limit their food sources, it will keep them from encroaching. To accomplish this, clean up crumbs and food scraps immediately.  After you have a meal, clean the dishes or place them in the dishwasher. It’s also important to vacuum or sweep your floors.  When you store food on your counter or in your pantry, use containers that seal tightly, otherwise, cockroaches can get inside. The garbage in your trash can is highly attractive to cockroaches, therefore, you should use garbage pails with lids and keep them tightly closed and not overflowing.

  • Eliminate Openings: If there are any openings in your screens or gaps under your doors and windows, seal them up. Keep in mind that cockroaches can crawl under small openings, so be thorough as you look for potential entrances.

  • Call A Professional: Don't waste your time and money or risk your health with potentially toxic sprays. Contact the professionals at Red Rock Pest Control at the first sign of cockroaches. We’re ready to help with our proven cockroach treatment and prevention plans. Call us today!


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