What Every Las Vegas Homeowner Ought To Know About Harvester Ants


harvester anr on ground

Have you ever seen those distance shots of Las Vegas at night? The bright lights of the city twinkling off the tall buildings give the city a truly magical feel. You can see the city from miles away at night, and, from above, you can see the cars lined up, like ants marching into the city, filled with passengers about to have the time of their lives.

But don’t mention ants to the Vegas residents and business owners. The harvester ants around here can create some serious problems, so the mention of ants can put a damper on the fun-loving atmosphere. Usually, when people think about ant problems, they just worry about their food stores or picnic problems in the yard. However, harvester ants are a far more serious problem. So, if you could get rid of ant problems for good, wouldn’t you?

The Problem With Harvest Ants

The sandy soil of the Las Vegas area is a huge attraction for harvester ants as it’s ideal for their mound building. These dark red pests might only be 5 to 10 mm long, but they travel in a large herd.

Harvester ants on your property will lead to a two-fold problem. First of all, they’re bad for your yard. The mounds will spread, kill the grass, and create large barren spots that ruin your landscaping.

Furthermore, there are serious health hazards if you have harvester ants in your yard. While they might not be as aggressive as fire ants, their stings are just as painful. Plus, since their sting is poisonous, the pain and swelling can continue for days. In many cases, severe harvester ant-sting victims will have an allergic reaction to the poison or even go into anaphylactic shock. Even more alarming is the fact that harvester ants can signal for help when threatened. This drastically increases the odds of multiple stings, which, when not treated properly, can result in severe health issues, or in rare cases, even death.

The bottom line is: if you want to enjoy your yard, you don't want these pests on your property. These ants can quickly ruin a picnic or outdoor game. However, even just one time walking barefoot through the yard to get something out of the car or to water your garden can lead to a painful attack.

Harvester Ant Prevention

Harvester ants try to find any yards that have sandy soil, don’t get a lot of water, and don’t have much shade. They mostly feed on seeds, so any sort of bird feeder or garden is also a major attraction to them. Keeping them out of your yard can be tough unless you’re watering it a lot and have shady trees.

While they aren’t looking to come into your house, they may accidentally end up there if your windows have cracks in the seals. With the severe health risks that come along with harvest ants, keeping them out of your house needs to be a priority.

Now, harvester ants are nearly impossible to keep out of your yard or your home, but you don’t have to go it alone. With professional pest control services, you can walk in your yard without worrying about the threat of stinging insects such as harvester ants.

To find out how to keep harvester ants out for good, contact Red Rock Pest Control. Though you may be tempted to try DIY methods, these typically only solve part of the problem or don't work at all. When it comes to health risks, you don’t want to leave it up to chance. Red Rock Pest Control can guarantee the safety of your home and family from the very real threat of harvester ants.


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