Vegas's German Cockroaches Are Very Hard To Get Rid Of On Your Own


Have you seen small, tan cockroaches climbing around inside your Las Vegas home? It wouldn't be surprising. They are very common pests in Vegas. They're also common everywhere else on the planet. Those small, tan cockroaches are called German cockroaches, and they are the most widely distributed cockroach in the world. They can live in the hottest temperatures near the equator or in the bitter cold of Northern Canada. Why? Because German cockroaches can live exclusively indoors. More than this, they are able to be transported from one area of infestation to another without ever going outside. This ability to live inside man-made structures is one of the reasons German cockroaches are so hard to get rid of. Let's look at a few more.


An adult German cockroach can be as small as ½ an inch long. This tiny size allows it to take advantage of the smallest of cracks, both to get into your home, and to move about your home. Newly hatched cockroaches are even smaller. When a German cockroach emerges from its egg, it is a nymph that looks like an adult but is small enough to crawl through the eye of an outlet.


Another reason German cockroaches are so difficult to get rid of is because of where they choose to live in your home. Where do cockroaches nest in your house? Tight spaces. Not only are German cockroaches small enough to get into the tightest of spaces, they are drawn to do this. Cockroaches prefer tight spaces because they like to have their bellies and their backs touching two hard surfaces at the same time. This is because they a thigmotropic. They are comforted by being squeezed on all sides. It makes them feel safe. This behavior will have cockroaches getting to places you're going to have a difficult time reaching with any kind of topical spray.


Cockroaches have 4 nymph stages before they reach their adult stage of development. As they pass from one stage to the next, they create a new cuticle. The cuticle is the skin of the cockroach. If a nymph comes in contact with a dangerous chemical and survives, it can become resistant to the chemical. Over time, this can turn them into a mechanical vector for those dangerous chemicals and bring them into your stored foods or onto your dishes. The use of chemical products to control cockroaches should be done by a licensed and experienced pest control technician. A professional uses a wide range of strategies that include the use of insect growth regulators, crack and crevice seals, and baits. When done properly, you won't have super cockroaches crawling around inside your home.


When these cockroaches get into your home, good luck hiding the food. They can eat a wide range of things. Many of the things they eat you would definitely not consider to be food, such as wallpaper, toothpaste, hair, rotting organic sludge in the bottom of your kitchen trash bin and the droppings in your cat's litter box. It is gross but true. German cockroaches can survive quite well in your home, even if you put all your food in sealed containers. 

Cockroach Control In Las Vegas 

So, what do you do about a cockroach infestation in Las Vegas? Reach out to Red Rock Pest Control for professional cockroach control. Our service team uses field-tested strategies that will work to get rid of every cockroach in your home. We also put a focus on using products that are pet-friendly and family-friendly. Reach out to us today to schedule a service visit. We'll send a knowledgeable professional right to your doorstep. When German cockroaches get in, it is always best to call a professional to get them out.


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