The Trick To Keeping Pest Birds Away From Your Las Vegas Property


pigeon flying near a roof

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it really was just a bird – and it’s headed straight towards your comfy Las Vegas property! 

Common pest birds in the Las Vegas area, including pigeons, house finches, and seagulls, are perhaps some of the greatest disturbances in our urban settings. Most people pay little or no attention to these creatures, while others feed or encourage their nesting nearby. Unfortunately, pest birds of any species spell bad luck for you and your property, no matter how cute they appear to be. 

There is a myriad of building and property damage caused by pest birds, especially to businesses in the area. Some of these dangers include:

  • The spread of serious diseases.

  • The destruction of rooftops and business property.

  • Unsightly excrement splats.

It will be important to act fast if pest birds are detected around your property. 

Discouraging Las Vegas Pest Birds From Your Home Or Business 

Unlike other types of household pests, birds such as pigeons, finches, and swallows are content to stick to the sky and wide-open spaces of your property. They are not able to be treated with the steps and techniques that work on other household insects or pests. Instead, check out the following prevention steps to keep pest birds out of your Las Vegas building year-round:

Reduce places to nest around the building or property. This includes filling in any signs, high eaves, or roof cracks with a wire mesh that mitigates nesting behavior. It isn’t always possible to get every area without professional pest bird control, however. If that’s the case, be safe and think before you climb by calling for an inspection right away. 

If you already have a pest bird problem around your Las Vegas property, it would be wise to restrict the amount of food available to birds. Discourage customers from feeding the wildlife with aptly placed signs, and if possible, remove any birdseed or suet holders from the landscape.

Pest birds might not be your first concern this winter, but they can become increasingly bothersome as temperatures climb higher. Have your property evaluated for potential pest bird behavior by scheduling a free home inspection with Red Rock Pest Control today! 

Rid Your Roost Of Pest Birds With Red Rock Pest Control 

Pest birds are more than just cute or chubby pigeons sitting on the eaves of your building. Instead, these creatures are aggravating, multiplying, food-motivated pests that quickly cause damage and unsightly complications in any outdoor environment. While prevention and mitigation techniques are excellent for exclusionary means, you may not have the skills you need to eliminate an infestation once established. 

That’s where Red Rock Pest Control’s pest bird program comes in. Free inspections from a qualified pest control provider will help to quickly assess your current situation, and to clarify our professional team’s next steps. We provide customized plans and treatment services to business owners and operators, helping them make the best decision for their employees and customers. Finally, the Red Rock Pest Control team makes a concentrated effort to apply integrated pest management (IPM) techniques in every product treatment and follow up visit.  

To learn more about Red Rock Pest Control’s pest bird control program, please contact our professional team right away. Our service agents are standing by to address your concerns, questions, or inquiries in any way possible. Remember, your property isn’t something you need to share with pest birds: it is truly and uniquely your own. Take back control and rid your roost of obnoxious pest birds with some help from Red Rock Pest Control today!


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