The Secret To Keeping Rodents Away From Your Las Vegas Business


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Rodents in your business can pose risks that cause sanitation issues that will damage your reputation and drive customers away. In short, a business can’t afford to have problems with rodents. Let us show you the secret to keeping rodents away from your Las Vegas business.

Problems With Rodents In Your Las Vegas Business

In the end, having a rodent infestation will negatively affect your business's bottom line. Their destructive nature is well documented. Rodents love to chew and they are good at it. Having a rodent infestation can result in damage to inventory, particularly if you sell products that are easy for rodents to chew. Fabrics, wood items, and wires are often a target or rodents. Damage to your inventory can be costly.

Rodents carry disease and spread germs and bacteria. This can be particularly dangerous in a business that sells food. Some of the diseases known to be carried by rodents include lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), tularemia, salmonellosis, hantavirus, and leptospirosis, among others. They can transmit these diseases through droppings and urine they leave all over your business. In addition, they can transfer germs and bacteria throughout your food product, causing contamination. This puts the health of your employees and your customers at risk, and it can cause the health department to shut down your business, resulting in a loss of income and even costly fines.

Lastly, having rodents or other pests will deter customers from visiting your establishment. Social media makes it easy for customers to share their experiences with others, and you don't want negative online reviews. They will surely damage your reputation and lead to a loss in business. 

How To Prevent Rodents In Your Las Vegas Business

It can be hard to prevent rodents from getting into your Las Vegas Business altogether, but there are some things you can do to help minimize the risk.

  • Cleanliness and proper trash management: Keeping your business clean and free of food that attracts rodents is a great start. Not only should you keep trash in a sealed container inside the business, but outside as well. This also applies to cleaning up food and debris around the outside of your business. The cleaner the area is, the less attractive it will be to rodents and other pests. 

  • Seal Entry Points: Make it a point to examine your business for any openings that will allow rodents to access your building. Seal gaps in doorways and windows, and seal around the foundation of your business.

  • Avoid Clutter: Keep clean storage areas and be sure all food products are sealed. Don’t let product and clutter collect for rodents to use to build nests. Paper products, cardboard, etc. can attract rodents.

There are a few products you can purchase over the counter to try to control your rodent problem. Traps, rodent repellants, and even sound devices that emit a frequency that drives rodents away. These are rarely effective and are more like putting a bandage on an open wound. You can kill a few mice this way, but you won’t get to the source of the problem. 

Red Rock Pest Control Is The Answer To Your Rodent Problems In Las Vegas

When you have a problem with rats and mice in Las Vegas, it’s time to consider partnering with a professional pest control service. Red Rock Pest Control in Las Vegas is the right choice. Our pest control experts are ready to help you eliminate the rodent problem in your business. We will control the current rodent population and prevent them from returning in the future. The best way to fight a rodent infestation in your business is with a sustained and aggressive approach. We have the expertise, tools, and techniques to keep your business rodent-free. Contact the experts at Red Rock Pest Control today to discuss your options for comprehensive rodent control. 


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