The Best Way To Protect Your Las Vegas Home From Pests


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It stays pretty warm in Las Vegas all year long, so ongoing pest control is a must. But most people take care of pest problems as they arise. Today, we're talking about why this really isn't the best way to deal with pests, and take a look at what works.

Pitfalls Of Dealing With Pests After They've Become A Problem

We could give hundreds of examples, but let's just take a look at three. Why three? Because there are three primary ways pests can impact us.

Food Infestation

It is gross to find bugs in your food. For some pest infestations, this is as bad as it gets. You open food, find insects, webbing, or eggs, and you think, "Yuck! I ate from that!" But there are others that can spread Salmonella, E. coli, parasitic worms, and a long list of other harmful organisms. We're sure you agree that it is best to get them "before" they make you sick.


Some of the pests we have in our area bite and sting. This can have immediate consequences, such as running to the hospital. But a bite from a tick, mosquito, or some other disease-causing pest can lead to serious life-altering medical conditions. Control for these pests is vital, and the best way to control them is to proactively perform treatments around the exterior of your home.


There are several pests that can hurt your stuff. In your yard, pests can damage your ornamentals, garden vegetables, trees, grass, walkways, and more. On the inside of your home, they can damage furniture, clothing, wallpaper, rugs, paintings, and even your home itself. Once they get in, damage has already started. A few of the many pests that can damage your property are subterranean termites, mice, rats, carpet beetles, silverfish, and carpenter ants. The goal with these pests is to get them "before" they get in.

How Does Proactive Pest Control Work?

Food Infestation

The best practices for protecting against infestations are:

  • Always check grocery items for holes before you purchase them.

  • Put grocery items that come in paper, cardboard, or plastic inside sealed containers. Glass works best because it is usually easier to see through. If there are eggs, webs, or insects, you will see them before you eat them. Hard plastic containers can get the job done and are not nearly as expensive.

  • Be sure to clearly mark the date on products that can expire.

  • Put new products to the rear of your shelves and older products forward.

Health & Property

There are many pests that can impact your health and damage your property. We can't simply say, "Do this..." and be done with it. Some are controlled with strategically placed bait stations and appropriately selected baits. Some are controlled with direct treatments of EPA approved residual pest control products. Some require the placement of tamper-resistant traps, which must be checked and cleared on a routine basis.

What we can say is that treatments should be performed on the outside of your home "before" these pests have a chance to harm you or your stuff. Which proactive treatment you use will depend on the specific pests you're attempting to control. Since there are so many different pests and such a variety of control solutions, it is best to have a licensed pest control professional select and perform proactive treatments for you.

Las Vegas Pest Control

If you need assistance establishing and maintaining an effective pest control barrier around your home, consider Red Rock Pest Control. We offer free inspections and your first service starts at $19. It won't cost you a lot to see how much of a difference a quality pest control program can make. Reach out to us today.


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