The Best Thing You Can Do About Pigeons Around Your Las Vegas Property


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Las Vegas isn’t known for its abundant wildlife. But one animal you may encounter here is the pigeon. If you have pigeons around your property, you could experience several problems. Learn more about those problems and find out what you can do to eliminate your pigeon trouble.

What’s The Problem With Common Pigeons?

Common pigeons are also known as rock pigeons. They are found all across the globe but are most prevalent in urban areas. Whenever you’re on a city street, you’re likely to see this species enjoying some leftover morsels of food. They often nest under bridges or on the high window ledges of skyscrapers.

Pigeons are flock birds, so there are often many found in one location. They tend to have a bluish-gray tint, but also have been seen with other colors. Usually, people don’t think twice about seeing this bird. However, property owners should be wary. A flock of pigeons can be more damaging to your building than you imagine. You might need the help of a professional to save your property.

The Problems Associated With Pigeons

While a pigeon is not an animal that invokes fear, it could do some damage. For one, it can cause damage to your building. Pigeon droppings contain uric acid, a corrosive agent that ruins concrete and building materials. If you have pigeons roosting on your building, their droppings will cause serious damage. In fact, the birds are responsible for millions of dollars in damage every year.

The debris left behind by roosting pigeons is another source of damage. As their debris washes into your gutters, water begins to build up. This may result in leaks and the need for costly repairs.

Your machinery is also at risk. When air conditioning units and pigeons are combined, you get one thing - an expensive repair bill. They peck off the insulation that covers your pipes and their droppings can choke your air filter.

Finally, pigeons are dangerous to the health of the people who visit your property. Their droppings are a slip and fall hazard. Additionally, the pests are known to carry diseases and parasites.

Eliminating Your Pigeon Problem

Fortunately, there are some ways in which you can keep pigeons away from your property. You can make your property less appealing to pigeons and more appealing to guests and visitors.

Most importantly, remove any standing water and food from your property. However, this is easier said than done. You can’t keep others from giving the birds their crumbs, nor can you spend your time clearing puddles from your roof. You may need to take other precautions to prevent an infestation from taking place.

Pigeon spikes and exclusion netting are two other options. But they aren’t easy to install and require the expertise of a professional since they are only effective when properly installed.

Getting Professional Help

To truly resolve your pigeon woes, you need the resources and experience of a professional. Red Rock Pest Control offers bird control services that will keep your Las Vegas property free from pigeons.

First, they do a free inspection and determine the extent of the problem. After they assess the damage, they consider the best methods to eliminate your pests. This usually means removing all of the birds and sealing up any openings. Then, the specialist cleans up all of the excrement and erases traces of bird pheromones. If this step isn’t done, the birds are highly likely to return to your property.

In some cases, other pigeon prevention methods are necessary. You can rest easy knowing that pigeons won’t be tempted to take up residence on your property. Call Red Rock to get started today.


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