The Benefits Of Professional Pest Control For Your Las Vegas Home


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Las Vegas is a city of bright lights and great entertainment. Unfortunately for some homeowners, it’s also a city of pests. Due to Nevada’s dry climate and proximity to many mountains, lakes, and forests, many different insects and rodents live nearby and are apt to get into your Las Vegas home.
A pest infestation doesn’t have to terrify you, but it is something you need to take seriously. If you’re worried you have a pest problem in your Nevada household, or if you’re just looking to learn more about professional pest control, here’s what certified exterminators can offer you.

The Problems Las Vegas Pests Can Cause

Of course, nobody wants pests to live in the house with them. Even if they didn’t cause problems, pests aren’t attractive to have around the house, and turning the corner to see a roach or a rat can give quite the shock.
The unfortunate reality is that pests can cause serious problems, on top of just a simple scare. Las Vegas residents who have a pest problem in their household could experience any of the following:

  • Disease. Pests can transmit pathogens by walking around your house, getting into your food supply, and in some cases, biting you and your loved ones.

  • Property damage. Some pests, like termites and carpenter ants, create nests by burrowing into the wooden structures of your home and can cause significant damage.

  • Food contamination. Ants, rats, and roaches love your food as much as you do, rendering your pantry inedible.

  • Insomnia and stress. Just knowing there are pests in the house can be worrisome, and some insects, like bed bugs, make going to sleep near-impossible.

An infestation takes its toll over time, but once the damage has been done, you might not be able to reverse it. This is why a strong prevention plan is so important for Las Vegas households, as well as the comprehensive response of pest professionals.

Why DIY Methods Don’t Work

When Nevada residents realize they have a pest problem, they often try to take the problem into their own hands. Such a response is understandable, but ultimately ineffective.

First, DIY methods aren’t comprehensive enough. Pests reproduce insanely quickly, so while traps and poisons might capture one or two of the population, chances are, there are dozens more where that came from. Usually, people don’t realize they have an infestation until the pest population is quite large.

Second, many DIY methods don’t kill the reproducing members of the colony, such as the queen ant or termite. As a result, you might kill off some of the workers, but you haven’t kept the colony from growing.

Third, DIY methods don’t address the factors that attract pests. Even if you get rid of an infestation on your own (which is highly unlikely), you probably haven’t sealed up the entry points where pests come in. You also might not realize everything that makes your property attract pests in the first place.

Overall, DIY pest control doesn’t cast a wide enough net. You need the measured pest response that targets both pests and what brings them inside; that’s where the experts at Red Rock Pest Control come in.

Why Professional Pest Control Works

Contacting the professionals at Red Rock Pest Control addresses all of the reasons why DIY pest control doesn’t work. We have the products and tools to address the entire pest population, including the colony queens, reproductive agents, and newly laid eggs. Additionally, the eye of a seasoned pest professional can detect where pests are coming in and why they invaded your household.

Finally, professional pest control takes the stress off of your family. DIY pest control is stressful and tricky, and it often ends in frustration. Las Vegas households deserve only the best pest control, so why risk it? Reach out to Red Rock Pest Control today, and we’ll secure your Nevada home for good.


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