Seven Tips To Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Into Your Las Vegas Home


a bed bug crawling on bedding

Las Vegas is a tourist mecca. Although tourism is good for business, it's not good for pest control. Pests like bed bugs are hitchhikers that travel into the city on visitors and take up residence in Las Vegas homes. Find out how you can avoid bringing bed bugs into your Vegas home.

Bed Bugs In Vegas

Bed bugs are small, brownish insects that feed on the blood of animals and humans. Although their bite isn't painful, they leave behind an itchy bump. Without blood, these insects can't survive. For this reason, they go to great lengths to move from one place to another. They don't have wings, so they rely on hitchhiking or crawling to get around.

For bed bugs, hitchhiking is as easy as crawling in on clothes or getting in a suitcase. When people sleep in hotels, travel on buses, and stay in medical facilities, they have the potential to pick up bed bugs. The bugs then follow them home and start reproducing. It doesn't take long for bed bugs to make your home an uncomfortable place. As they breed, they take over your home. They live under your mattresses, in your picture frames, and in your furniture. Of course, the bugs need to feed. They cause discomfort, may transmit disease, and keep you from sleeping.

How To Keep Bed Bugs Out

If you don't want to deal with a Las Vegas bed bug infestation, you should be cautious. All of the following tips can keep the bugs out of your home:

1. Check Hotel Room Mattresses

One of the most common ways to bring home bed bugs is to stay in hotels. If you travel for work or for pleasure, you should do so with care. Check under the bed for signs of the pest. You might notice small brown specks or tiny blood stains. If you do, the facility probably has bed bugs and you should stay elsewhere.

2. Check Secondhand Items

While thrift store purchases save you money on items, they could cost you ion pest control. Before bringing used items into your home, check them for signs of bed bugs. They may be hiding in furniture, picture frames, and clothes.

Although bed bugs aren't always visible, you might see evidence of them. Look for blood stains, fecal stains, and shed skins. If you suspect an item has bed bugs, think twice before bringing it into your home. Doing so will cost you money in property damage, missed sleep, and much more.

3. Cover Your Mattress

A protective cover could keep bed bugs out of your mattresses and box springs. However, the cover needs to seal tightly. If there are any openings, pests will find a way in. The cover should be tear-resistant.

4. Reduce Clutter

When there's too much clutter in your home, bed bugs have ample hiding spots. To limit hiding spots, keep the clutter to a minimum. Every few months, go through your home and remove unnecessary items.

5. Vacuum Regularly

Sometimes, bed bugs hitchhike their way into a home and fall off on the carpet. By vacuuming your floors, you can get rid of these unwanted guests.

6. Isolate Your Unit

If you live in a Vegas apartment, bed bugs may travel from nearby units into your home. The best way to keep this from occurring is to isolate your home. Install door sweeps under your doors, and you can deter some pests. You may also want to seal cracks and crevices around your light sockets and baseboards.

7. Work With An Expert

Bed bug prevention is never 100%. If you do bring bed bugs into your home, contact the professionals at Red Rock Pest Control right away.

By working with experts you could control and eliminate a bed bug infestation. The professionals at Red Rock Pest Control are here to help. Contact them today so you can sleep easier tonight!


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