Residents Guide To The Roof Rat In Las Vegas


When you think of rats, you probably think of large gray rodents with long bare tails. However, the most common type of rats in our area are often confused with mice because of their small size. Roof rats, sometimes called black rats—even though they’re usually brown, are the most common species in Las Vegas. They are much smaller than Norway rats, typically growing to about six inches long, with a tail of equal length. Roof rats are thin, lightweight, and are excellent climbers. As their name indicates, they often are found in the upper areas of homes and businesses.

Why Roof Rats Might Get Into Your Las Vegas Home or Business

As the nights begin to cool in our desert climate, roof rats will be more eager than ever to find a warm place to shelter. They’ll start to look for weak areas in your home or business to find a way inside. Since they can fit through an area the size of a quarter, any small opening will allow them to gain access.

Why You Don’t Want Roof Rats in Your Las Vegas Home or Business

Unfortunately, once they get inside, it won’t take long for roof rats to start causing problems. Below are a whole host of issues they’ll bring when they invade a home or business:

  • Roof rats carry and transmit bacteria and diseases that can be hazardous to your health.

  • Roof rats introduce parasites into your home or business that can transmit even more diseases.

  • Roof rats contaminate your food stores and food prep surfaces, exposing you to illness and costing you money and food waste.

  • Roof rats are destructive, continually gnawing on things like walls, insulation, piping, and wiring.

What Not to Do if Roof Rats Get Into Your Home or Business

You may be tempted to set a trap or poison to eliminate a roof rat problem yourself, but this can be unsuccessful as well as dangerous. You’re unlikely to get rid of the entire infestation with DIY methods, and using poison can put your family or pets at risk. Other DIY remedies can put you in dangerously close contact with the roof rats, putting your safety and health at risk.

What to Do if Roof Rats Get Into Your Home or Business

If roof rats infest your home or business, your best solution is to contact the rodent removal experts at Red Rock Pest Control. We will safely and effectively remove your entire rodent problem. We also offer exclusion services to ensure future roof rats cannot get inside. Contact Red Rock for a free inspection, and we’ll work with you to give you back your home or business—free of roof rats.


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