Pests To Watch Out For Before Decorating Your Las Vegas Home


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What's your favorite Christmas tradition? Do you go out with your family to pick out a tree together and get hot chocolate and coffee on the way home? Is there a special box of ornaments that each of you hangs in remembrance of past Christmases? Do you take a yearly Christmas picture and store them all in a beautiful picture frame collage on the wall? Whatever your traditions are, we are here to help you keep them safe this year. Here are some common Christmas pests you should be watching out for around your Las Vegas home and some simple tricks you can use to stop them.

Why Pests Love Homes Around Christmas

Las Vegas is not known for its cold winter weather, but it does get chilly enough here each year for pests to want to come inside. Especially with our desert climate, temperatures at night can drop below freezing. This pushes pests like rodents, cockroaches, stink bugs, Asian lady beetles, and box elder bugs to seek shelter indoors. Often, these pests will invade and hunker down inside storage boxes, inside wall voids, and in other nooks and crannies around your home. Hopefully, with our help, you won’t find pests tucked away when you unpackage your Christmas decorations this year.

What To Do Before Christmas

There is a chance pests have already invaded your home and stored decorations. To check to see if this is the case, bring stored boxes of decorations outside and open them up. Inspect inside for signs of rodents in the form of chew marks on cords, fecal matter in the corners, holes through cardboard, and nesting materials. Other pests such as boxelder bugs, stink bugs, and Asian lady beetles will be a bit easier to identify, as you will most likely see them crawling around in plain sight.

If you see no signs that pests have invaded your decorations, then there's still time for you to put prevention in place. Start by repackaging items in storage from cardboard boxes into larger plastic totes. After this, check your home’s exterior for damage pests could use to get inside. Seal gaps and cracks in your home’s foundation using a caulking gun, repair damage to window/door screens, and make sure door sweeps and weatherstripping are in good condition and properly installed.

How A Good Christmas Cleaning Can Help

When pests enter into homes, they are more likely to stick around if they find available sources of food and water. The more you limit pests' access to these necessities, the less likely you will be to encounter pest problems in the future. We recommend starting with a thorough cleaning. Dust high to low, wash large appliances, vacuum beneath furniture, and be careful not to neglect to clean other hard-to-reach areas around your home. In addition to cleaning your home, be careful not to leave food out, but instead store leftovers inside airtight containers.

What To Do If You Find Pests

If pests have already invaded your home and are threatening to ruin your Christmas traditions, the experts at Red Rock Pest Control are here to help. To meet your needs, we offer both advanced exclusion and detailed elimination services for Las Vegas homes. Using industry-leading pest control technologies and methods, we will make sure your home gets and stays pest-free well through the holidays.

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