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Ants are the number-one pest in the United States. This is probably because there are so many species of ants and so many ways ants can be a problem. Some ants are just a nuisance, but they enter homes by the hundreds of thousands. Some ants spread harmful bacteria because they are drawn to feed on the open wounds of livestock and pets. Some ants sting. Some ants damage the wood inside homes and can be serious structural pests. Let's take a look at the common ants we have in our Las Vegas area and see what we can learn that will protect our homes from ant infestations.

What Ants Get Into Las Vegas Homes

The following is a list of common ants. It is by no means comprehensive. The following ant species also represent the threats ants present when they come into your yard and get into your home.

Pharaoh Ants

These ants are considered a serious disease threat, especially in hospitals and in sensitive environments. Pharaoh ants are the ants that feed on the open wounds of animals and people. This exposes them to harmful bacteria, such as Salmonella, staphylococcus and clostridium. The front-line defense against these and other ants that get into your home is to seal gaps, cracks and holes in your exterior walls.

Carpenter Ants

While carpenter ants aren't as destructive in our service area as they are in many other areas of the country, it is still a good idea to deal with them quickly. The species we deal with most is C. vicinus, which can have as many as 40 queens in one nest. This makes them hard to eliminate. If you attempt to get rid of these ants and fail, they can be destructive, over time.

Red Fire Ants

These ants do not need an introduction. We all know what fire ants are. But, what you might not know is that a sting from a fire ant can be life-threatening to people who are allergic to their venom. They're also a big threat for babies because a baby left on the ground in a carrier can't get away from these ants. If a baby's cry goes unanswered, it can result in multiple bites. Bait is the best way to control fire ants but it can be tricky to apply baits, so it is best to have a licensed professional treat for fire ants.

Argentine Ants, Pavement Ants, Rover Ants & Odorous House Ants

These are the species of ants that are considered to be a nuisance. While they can spread harmful bacteria from dumpsters and trash to food-prep surfaces, dishes, and food, they are most known for their ability to drive us crazy - not their ability to make us sick. Their colony sizes can be quite large and, in the case of odorous house ants, they can be stinky when you crush them underfoot. This adds to their nuisance factor.

Fortunately, we don't usually put up with these ants for long. Homeowners quickly work to get rid of them. But what often happens is that DIY methods are tried first. When these fail, homeowners contact a pest control company. We get more calls for ant control than control requests for any other pests. Hopefully, you'll give us a call before you waste your money, energy and time trying to arrest an ant infestation.

Ant Control

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