Las Vegas Homeowner's Extreme Pest Prevention Handbook


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In Las Vegas, pests range from cockroaches, scorpions, and Apache Cicadas to rats, mice, and potentially deadly snakes. These pests can cause damages to property, sanitation issues, health concerns, and in some cases, death. Some of these pests present issues specific to the type of pest while other problems persist in a variety of species. 

The bottom line: pests are problematic and in most cases need to be dealt with by professionals in the pest prevention industry. Here is a Las Vegas Homeowner’s Extreme Pest Prevention Handbook. This pest prevention guide is meant to give you an overview on how to minimize or prevent pest problems in your home. To explore detailed information on a specific pest, visit some of our other Red Rock Pest Control blog posts.  

General Tips For Pest Control And Prevention

While specific pests have specific methods of prevention, there are some general guidelines you can follow to keep most pests out of your home or at least minimize the threat of a pest invasion. The basic needs of most pests are food, water, and shelter. Minimizing or eliminating access to these needs can help reduce the risk of pests getting into your Las Vegas home. 

  • Keep food sealed and unavailable to pests. Transfer boxed or bagged pantry items to enclosed plastic or glass containers. 

  • Keep counters and floors clean and free of food particles. Do your best to sweep and wipe down surfaces after meals. 

  • Reduce or eliminate the clutter that can be used to build nests or harbor pests such as newspapers, cardboard boxes, and old fabrics.

  • Keep the exterior of your home neat and free of trash. Prune shrubs and trees away from the home, eliminate weeds, and mow your lawn regularly.

  •  Seal openings that allow access to the interior of your home, particularly gaps around windows and doors. Look for openings no matter how small. Many pests can enter through even small openings. Replace screens that have been ripped. 

  • Look for leaks in pipes and ensure that drainage is directing water away from the foundation of your home as pests are attracted to moisture.

The above-mentioned tips are applicable for all types of pests, including cockroaches, rats and mice, snakes, and a range of insects. Furthermore, keeping a clean house can greatly diminish the chance of pests coming into the home. Be sure to check and clean in places that may be overlooked, such as behind and under appliances. With a severe infestation, cockroaches will actually hide in coffeemakers and other appliances. Keep storage boxes and cardboard off the floor if possible. You might even consider using a platform or storing boxes on shelves. This is particularly important for cockroaches and other insects as well as for mice and rats.

Be careful of moist wood, cardboard, and trash outside of the home. Also, keep weeds cleared away from the home and check to see that drains are working properly to avoid a buildup of water that can attract pests of all kinds.

Finally, be careful about what you bring into the home. Cockroaches are especially easy to bring home. They often hitch a ride in furniture, boxes, and appliances, and once they are in your home, they will quickly breed and you’ll have an infestation on your hands. Check items you buy at yard sales or purchase secondhand.

WARNING: Be careful using any over the counter products such as sprays, poisons, traps, and other “surefire” ways to control pests. Many of these simply aren’t effective for large pest problems, and sprays and poisons can be harmful for your family.

Red Rock Pest Control Can Help With Your Pest Problems

Do you have questions about pests in your Las Vegas home? Do you have a pest problem you need help with? The experts at Red Rock Pest Control are here to help. Our pest professionals will be happy to answer any of your questions or help you get rid of pests in your home. Contact us today to discuss pest control options for your Las Vegas property. 


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