How To Tell If Bed Bugs Have Invaded Your Las Vegas Home


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Industrious, icky, and not quite invisible, these common Las Vegas home invaders are out for blood – literally! The common bed bug is a tan, brown, or reddish insect that measures about an eighth inch long at maturity. Bed bugs are about the size and shape of an apple seed. Beds and mattresses may be their favorite places in the home, but these blood-hungry travelers can live in any place with favorable temperatures and host bodies that produce carbon dioxide. Books, carpets, furniture, and even electrical outlets can all be homes for the bed bug colonies that may be lurking right underneath your nose (or bed sheets!).

Quick Tips And Tricks For Spotting Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bed bugs are sneaky pests, but spotting the right signs can help you and your professional pest control team stop a bed bug infestation in its tracks. With some insight, research, and a little common sense, you may be able to catch your home’s bed bug infestation before it grows too large.

  • Because these household pests are so tiny, the first sign of an infestation will often be their distinctive bite patterns. Bed bug bites appear in a zigzag or straight pattern, resulting in tiny red bumps on the neck, arms, hands, back, and stomach. Although they feed off a host body and require a blood meal in order to breed, bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases to humans. However, bed bug bites will still leave their victims with nasty, itchy bumps. 

  • Using a flashlight and a hard object such as a credit card, scrape the seams, edges, folds, and sidings of any objects that you suspect may be housing bed bugs. This can include furniture, mattresses, clothing and linens, the edge of carpeting, and even electrical outlets. Tiny bugs may come scampering from the area, disturbed by your scraping. You may even discover an exoskeleton or two, which can cause asthma in some cases.  

  • Look for rusty red or brown spots around hiding areas to confirm your sightings. These blood spots are the remnants of the bed bug’s feasting from the previous night. You may also notice spots of fecal matter around areas where bed bugs are hiding.

  • A musty odor that comes from an unknown origin may be a sign of concentrated bed bugs nearby. Certain people are more sensitive to the stench of bed bugs, making this factor more or less difficult to discern. Receiving a K-9 inspection is one of the most accurate ways to sniff out a bed bug infestation in the home.

  • Bed bug egg casings may be present. They are white, brown, tan, or yellow-white. About a sixteenth of an inch long, these tiny eggs are often found in clumps scattered across carpets, furniture, and bed sheets. Finding a group of one or more inside the home can be a telltale sign of serious infestation that must be addressed immediately by professional exterminators.

Regardless of how you discover them, get your bed bug suspicions confirmed immediately with the help of Red Rock Pest Control’s complimentary home inspections.

Get The Best of The Pests With Red Rock Pest Control

If you’ve confirmed that bed bugs really are living in your home, or if you need help with identification, reach out to your trusted local pest control company for help. Dealing with bed bug infestations on your own is a bad idea and may lead to the issue overwhelming you and your family with expensive treatments, health concerns, and even a declining home value. For a professional bed bug treatment, call the elimination experts at Red Rock Pest Control today.


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