How To Tell If Ants Around Your Las Vegas Property Are Dangerous


If you’ve ever seen a line of ants running through your yard or noticed a small ant colony out on the sidewalk, you should know that despite their tiny size that ant colonies can be large and sprawling.
Ants might seem relatively harmless but almost all ant species in Las Vegas are invasive. And, while some species are mostly just a nuisance, others will destroy property or pose health risks.
While the issues with ants can vary from species to species, ants are a common home-invading pest that is difficult to prevent and remove. In general, you can tell ants apart from other small insects by their three-segmented bodies, antennae, and six, thin legs. They also have a small “waist” called a node that connects their thorax and their abdomen. 
To help you identify the most harmless species from the dangerous ones, we’ve put together an in-depth guide to ants around Las Vegas and what you need to know about them.

Common Nuisance Ants In Las Vegas

Many of the common ant species you’ll encounter around your home are just a nuisance. These species can still be a problem, however, as they often seek out human food and pet food and will contaminate this food as well as the counter-tops. Also, the infestations can often grow out of control and be hard to manage and remove.
Three of the most common nuisance ant species in the area are the Argentine ant, pavement ant, and harvester ants.
  1. Argentine ants are shiny dark brown or black color, and they move together in wide trails as they look for food. They are known for having massive colonies that are hard to control.
  2. Pavement ants are small, black ants that you often see outside in sidewalk cracks as this is one of their favorite places to nest. This species will eat a wide variety of food sources.
  3. Harvester ants are a tiny red, brown, or black species that only reaches to be about ½ an inch long. They also have long hairs under their heads that look almost beard-like, and they get their names because they harvest seeds to use as food sources for their colonies.

Destructive And Dangerous Ant Species In Las Vegas 

The two species of ants in the Las Vegas area that can cause the most problems are the fire ant and the carpenter ant. Fire ants can be dangerous as they can both bite and sting while carpenter ants are able to cause a lot of property damage.
Fire ants can be identified by their reddish-brown color and small stinger. Their bites aren’t always dangerous unless you are allergic, but they are quite painful and leave a burning sensation that is unpleasant.
Carpenter ants are one of the most frustrating ant species because they tunnel through wood to build their nests. This means they can damage many wooden structures including furniture, flooring, wooden beams, and even drywall. While they don’t eat wood as termites do, they can still do a lot of damage over time. They are black and red in color. 

 How To Keep Ants Off Of Your Property

Whether you’re dealing with dangerous ant species or harmless ones, they are an invasive problem that you don’t want to have around. The experts at Red Rock Pest Control can handle the prevention and control of all common ant species around Las Vegas. Our ant control program includes an over-the-phone quote and an initial service as well as ongoing treatments when necessary.
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