How To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Las Vegas Home


bed bug on blue sheets

If you don’t have a dirty home, you can’t get bed bugs, right? Wrong. 

Many Las Vegas residents mistakenly believe that bed bugs only appear in dirty or unkempt homes, and not on clean residential properties. However, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Bed bug infestations usually start when a hapless, unknowing victim gives a ‘ride’ to these hitchhiking creatures. Bed bugs are crafty creatures, and are often acquired by people during travel on a public venue, carried in on second-hand appliances, or hidden in thrift furniture items. Once bed bugs have made it home with you, they won’t need to do much: these pests can live and feed on a human host for years without breaking a sweat. 

If you are concerned that bed bugs could be a problem for your home (hint: they are), you will need to consider prevention treatments and techniques for the busy traveling season.

Preventing Bed Bugs From Hopping Through Hot Spots 

While bed bugs have an almost ubiquitous presence around the world, there are some steps you can take to reduce transmission or infestation while in hot spot areas. Refer to the tips below for bed bug advice that’s near pest-proof:

  • Don’t leave your luggage, backpack, or suitcase on the ground while traveling: store everything in an overhead compartment or wire rack.  

  • When purchasing secondhand appliances and furniture items, inspect the object for signs of bed bug activity. Excrement stains, blood spatter, crushed exoskeletons, and (obviously) live bedbugs are all signs of a particularly bad infestation. Do not purchase any item that raises even one of these suspicious red flags.

  • Be sure to inspect hotel rooms and other lodgings for the signs of bed bug presence listed above. If you notice a strong, musky, or sweet odor with no explanation, change your rooming situation right away.

Still worried that bed bugs could have followed you home? Let us handle the rest. Call the folks at Red Rock Pest Control for free bed bug inspections that can’t be beat. 

Get Treatments That Matter With Red Rock Pest Control 

Taking bed bug prevention measures is good, but with that said, prevention is not the same as treatment. No form of bed bug prevention will ever work 100% of the time, nor will it rid your home of an infestation once established. 

If you think or know that bed bug activity is becoming a problem on your Las Vegas property, it will be imperative to invest in a pest control plan that works hard, acts fast, and fits your budget. The team at Red Rock Pest Control is always ready to help Las Vegas homeowners find security and peace of mind, passionately serving customers for over half a decade. Our bed bug control programs are safe, efficient, and effective for every budget, attacking the root of the problem with family-friendly products and treatments. 

After a free inspection that establishes the extent of your infestation, our team hops into the hot spots with conventional treatments that are proven to work effectively. When the treatments are done, our team will return after 30 days to ensure your home is safe and bed bug-free. 

For the pest control pros that know their stuff, call the Las Vegas office of Red Rock Pest Control now. Our team is committed to caring for our customers with nothing but the best. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our contact channels for more information: a phone call, contact form, or in-person visit is always welcomed. So let us do what we do best: eliminating pests so you don’t have to!


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